Jeremy Corbyn

"Don’t believe the polls, don’t believe the polls," I muttered to myself, picking up a sheaf of newspapers at the Eurostar WH Smith. Good place to read them; the Eurostar interzone is a hilarious mirror world, where copies of Charlie Hebdo jostle with Take a Break magazine, and the Irish pub is run by French people who have to have most drinks explained to them ("whaaaat eez zis Pimmmmms?").

They all had the polls, in blue, pink and yellow -- that poll, showing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour on 39%, only three points behind the Tories. Thirty-nine percent! Close to cracking the 40% barrier! Blair himself only cracked 40 (40.7%) in 2001, and came nowhere near it in 2005, with 35.7%. Thirty-nine! It would be enough to hang the Parliament, creating all sorts of possibilities.