On the Uluru statement

[email protected] writes: Re. “Calls for a treaty with Aboriginal Australia have a long and troubled history” (Wednesday)

I didn’t hear this Uluru statement as mawkish: I heard it as a call to see the facts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander now, characterised by astronomical arrest and incarceration rates, abysmal health statistics, continuing removal of children from their families. Australian Financial Review can’t see that side of ATSI reality, but it is there, inappropriate and it simply doesn’t work for them or us. And an elected committee with power to recommend with gravitas to the legislature, that the legislature can’t sack at the merest inconvenience could have a hugely informative role.

On the right and Duncan Lewis

Mike M writes: Re. “How the right turned on ASIO” (Wednesday)

So they ask questions of someone who should know…and when the answers do not fit their preconceived ideas they “play the man and not the ball.” Clearly they prefer living in a world created from their own prejudices.