May 30, 2017

Razer: how the fogies sold Millennials a lie, then sold them out

Last week, Helen Razer accepted an invitation to a Millennial Marketing conference in Melbourne’s Federation Square and, no, she doesn’t know how her name got on their list, either.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

avocado toast

Per the dullest work of my idlest peers, the Millennial is good for nothing save the production of terrible headlines. They are a “generation of idle trophy kids”, responsible for “the vanishing bar of soap” and, of course, so committed to the consumption of exotic coffees, they basically brewed a national crisis of housing affordability.

This age group -- defined now as being somewhere between 20ish and 35ish -- is, as poor opinion columnists would have it, the worst of all possible age groups. Hmm. Perhaps the parenting techniques of some in the white middle class raised a handful of entitled little turds in skinny jeans. Then again, perhaps this wide age range, more ethnically diverse and larger in Australia than any previous, does not have a uniform character.

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14 thoughts on “Razer: how the fogies sold Millennials a lie, then sold them out

  1. Saugoof

    This is gold!

    I’m grateful that I never developed a sense of “today’s kids are just rubbish” or a false nostalgia about the past. I honestly think that makes me a better person.

  2. susan winstanley

    perhaps they should be renamed Howard’s Children of the Corn.
    The age cohort 21-35 could have voted in up to six elections since they turned 18.
    so who did they vote for? Howard? Abbott? Turnbull?
    did they vote against their own self-interest? are they agents of their own misfortune? it happens (see Trump) and they should be asked why…

    1. Saugoof

      18 to 34 year olds overwhelmingly vote Labor and Greens. It’s mainly us old idiots who vote for the likes of Howard/Abbott/Turnbull. The only age groups where the Liberal / Nationals were ahead at the last election where the over 50 year olds.

      1. Helen Razer

        They also fail to vote, in very large number. And who can blame ’em?

    2. Charlie Chaplin

      The over 50s are by far the biggest demographic, Susan. Why do you think the Aged Pension is the one Centrelink benefit that is sacrosanct? It ain’t the kids* voting for Abbott, Pauline and Turnbull – it’s their parents and grandparents. The kids are alright.

      * Apologies to everyone 20ish to 35 I just called a kid. I sure as hell don’t rate your intelligence, aspirations, insights or contributions as childish/immature/invalid in any way, shape or form. I do wish there were more of you. I wish my generation (X) had its own baby boom so there’d be more of you to swell the left’s ranks and force policy change by our sheer numbers, but we didn’t. Sorry about that, kids. We were optimistic, naive, trusting and a bit scared. Perhaps it’s because we were the first generation to be warned to prepare for long term unemployment- that’s how long this crap’s been going on, how far back its roots go. We were also outnumbered. We still are.

      1. Woopwoop

        Of course there are more over 50s than 21 to 35s. There are 14 years in the latter, up to 50 years in the former. Is a 51 year old much the same as a 95 year old?

        1. AR

          The graph was called an age pyramid because when they were first created that was the shape.
          It still is in the 3rd World but in the West it now looks more like a circus fat lady wearing a sun hat – tiny base, vast waist & torso and only slightly narrowing until almost the very top.

        2. Charlie Chaplin

          Not sure what you’re asking, Woopwoop.

          I am not saying all over 50 year olds are conservative, merely that older people tend to be more conservative as a demographic. It’s a simple fact of life. It’s the reason Helen could quote Hesiod. It’s the reason conservative social policies have played so well to the electorate for 30 years and continue to do so. It’s why union bashing, in a now largely un-unionised country, plays so well to a conservative, over 50 year old electorate, it’s a hangover from the 1970s stagflation and strikes period. It’s the reason Neoliberalism triumphed. Business took care of us, it gave us full employment, we took care of business, the figures say we are at or close to full employment still, nothing’s changed, ad infinitum. At heart, conservatism is resistance to change, including resistance to acknowledging change has occurred at all. So if you are old and grey, you will be comforted to hear nothing’s really changed, we still uphold Australian Values, there’s plenty of work for those who want it, but “…but the present youth are exceedingly disrespectful and impatient of restraint” and we need to take care of business so it will take care of us.

          Of course not all over 50s are conservative. I’m 52 and I’m not, but many of my over 50 friends are very conservative indeed, some on social issues only, some on economic issues only, many on both. On the other hand, I can’t think of one friend 18 to 35 who is conservative. Watermelons, the lot of ’em. I wish there were more of them.

          If the largest voting demographic demanded leftist policies, it would get them, particularly in a country with compulsory voting that can’t disenfranchise its citizens . It’s simple maths.

          That’s why the two major parties do nothing to court the Millennial vote. They’d be forced to change, and the corporations wouldn’t like that. Far easier to let the Millennials stay unenrolled and court the grey haired vote to get and keep yourself in power. Just tell ’em nothing’s changed, everything’s fine and hand ’em a little flag to wave on Anzac Day.

  3. Desmond Graham

    1 Why did you get an invite?
    The click baiters wanted a chick baiter.
    2 So the
    Sans-maisons in 2017 are as optimistic as the
    Sans-culottes were in 1789

  4. Draco Houston

    I find the articles reveal far more about the author than what they think they are writing about. If these journos keep running into latte sippers and cafe breakfast eaters maybe it is because they’re a yuppie?

    1. Charlie Chaplin

      Or they’re leaving out the latte sipper is the barista on a break, wolfing down the meal of the day because they’re off to another gig at the end of this one, Draco?

  5. AR

    Does anyone know what the brown stuff beneath the bread is?
    It looks crinkled like brown paper but too thick – are trendy caffs now tearing up beer cartons to emulate a banana leaf plate?

    1. Raaraa

      It looks like someone smashed a wooden cutting board into two or more pieces.

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