May 29, 2017

Tudge locates, won’t release legal advice on Andie Fox case

Alan Tudge says he does in fact have legal advice to say he was allowed to release a Centrelink recipient's private information. And no, you cannot see it.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


The office of Human Services Minister Alan Tudge has refused to release more than a dozen documents related to his decision to release personal information on a critic of his robo-debt notice system on the grounds it is legally privileged and would disclose personal information.

After months of searchingCrikey finally managed to track down the advice Tudge was relying on when his office released the personal information of blogger Andie Fox to a Canberra Times journalist, but now his office won't hand it over.

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7 thoughts on “Tudge locates, won’t release legal advice on Andie Fox case

  1. graybul

    Little bites
    A bite here, a bite there, everywhere
    A love bite
    An unchallenged bite
    that tears apart a life
    A retaliatory bite to justify
    all power resides within
    And those without . . . have none!

  2. Charlie Chaplin

    ” In cases where people have gone to the media, with statements that are incorrect or misleading … we are able to, under the Social Services Act, release information about the person for the purpose of, as I quote, ‘correcting a mistake of fact, a misleading perception or impression, or a misleading statement’. That is what the law allows.”

    Well, now it’s clear as mud. I totally understand why Andie Fox’s ( and god only knows who else’s) personal details were given to the media. Of course, Tudge and the Department of Human Services have yet to inform me what mistake of fact, misleading perception or impression, or misleading statement Andie Fox made that needed correction by painting a target on her back for Rupert and his ilk, but I’m sure I’ll be told eventually. Thanks, Josh.

  3. Richard

    “If he believes his legal advice authorises him to leak private information about clients to the media then that is something the public should be able to see.”

  4. Norm

    I can only presume that Tudge’s advice comes from the same source as Dutton’s advice on the cause of the shoot-out at the Manus corral. All absolutely correct and above board, but far too hush-hush to be revealed to the light of day. Why, when it’s all absolutely correct and above board?

  5. AR

    Fresh air & sunlight is the best antiseptic for tawdry political toxicity. As MrsT said in another context, “the oxygen of publicity’.

  6. klewso

    At least Howard had a fig-leaf ‘Ministerial Code of Conduct’ …. for when they ran out of toilet paper.
    They could have used that to wipe up this mess too.

  7. Don Willoughby

    Won’t one of these lawyers so confident Tudge is wrong bring a civil action?

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