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May 26, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

The one-two terrorist attacks on the Philippine city of Marawi and a bus terminal in Jakarta this week, with at least 25 people dead between the two strikes, has signaled loud and clear to Australia and the rest of the region that the so-called Islamic State has gained a firm foothold in the region.

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4 thoughts on “The next terror attack could be on your Thailand or Bali holiday

  1. Marilyn J Shepherd

    Jesus I so sick of this child like drivel. IS is a construct of the US, brought, paid for and trained in Camp Bucca to over throw Assad and fight against Al Qaida which was a US brought, paid for and trained group formed to drive the Russians out of Aghanistan.

    Instead of pretending that every little bomb that goes off is frigging IS, why no show some sophistication and analyse the facts and full history.

    1. Joe Fitzpatrick

      Now THAT is drivel. Militant Islam is the creation of people who, not by coincidence, follow Islam. They generally slaughter other followers of the same faith but have now begun to broaden their perspective.
      The West may be to blame for plenty, but not this.

  2. Rais

    Why does Crikey continue to publish Sainsbury? His articles are just a declaration of his prejudices. “Some reports estimate…” means “some unnamed individuals of unknown authority guess…” Thailand doesn’t have states, it’s a unitary state with administrative provinces called changwads. The rebels in three southern provinces are Muslims but their rebellion is based on Malay nationalism not Islam. The neighbouring Thai speaking Muslim majority province of Satun has no insurrection. The Wahhabi sect behind ISIS is very unpopular in Indonesia. Of course there is some support for it among disillusioned youth but if it’s true that only 450 to 550 Indonesians are fighting for ISIS out of more than 220 million Indonesian Muslims that suggests very minimal support even among the young.

  3. AR

    As usual Sainsbury misses the salient points due, one assumes, to their not being in his fax from Langley VA.
    Malaysians fighting for Daesh & Indonesia’s growing jihadism might be related to Saudi largess – a $900M private donation to the Malaysian PM’s personal bank account in 2015 and the recent visit of the Saudi King to Jakarta with a retinue of thousands and unknown millions of dollars, both to promote wahabi islam – not in secret, stated publicly & proudly.