Tips and rumours

May 26, 2017

Tips and rumours

How much does the PM's chief of staff earn? ... Margaret Court v Margaret Court Arena ... just when you thought Macdonald was the worst ...


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5 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. leon knight

    Hawkey used to call them “silly old buggers”, but her Christianity puts her in a sillier class again..!!

  2. AR

    I’m pretty sure that Court came out with some tooth aching xenophobia during Truth Overboard in her support of the Rodent.
    Perhaps some wonk or googler can find her comments.

  3. shea mcduff

    “How much does the ……… earn?”
    ‘Earn’ or ‘get paid”?
    They’re not the same thing – but the question presumes they are.

  4. Hoojakafoopy

    Maybe they should just change the name of the venue from Margaret Court Arena to Bigoted Hater Arena.

    1. Marjorie Carless

      This comment is exactly why a plebiscite in same sex marriage is not a good idea. Although Margaret Court’s comment is not one I agree with, I agree in free speech which gives her the right air her opinion without any personal ramifications from social media etc etc. What is Australia coming to when we verbally and non verbally attack someone who disagrees with our beliefs? We can disagree without personalising it.

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