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May 23, 2017

LEAKED: minutes of Labor shadow cabinet meeting

Things got heated between Albo and Shorten.

Crikey has scored* a full and definitely-not-forged copy of the minutes from Labor’s most recent shadow cabinet meeting:

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6 thoughts on “LEAKED: minutes of Labor shadow cabinet meeting

  1. CML

    Not even funny!
    What the hell is going on? Has Crikey turned into ‘The Australian-lite’ new edition?
    You should all get a life!

  2. klewso

    That seat? Did Mr Albanese have to explain all those new “optional extra” electrical cables he was fiddling with before he gave it back?

  3. andrew

    Please list the correct author. So I can avoid.

  4. anthonyhall

    Come on, I just renewed my subscription and get this tripe. Leave the comedy to people who are actually funny.

  5. AR

    Notwithstanding CML’s constant blind barracking for her beloved great-great-great-etc-grand nephew, I agree that Crikey is not the place for this sort of contrived levity.
    The reality of our political circus is hilarious enough.

  6. Duncan Gilbey

    Well I liked it…