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Tips and rumours

May 22, 2017

Tips and rumours

What Ashby doesn't know about the law ... Abetz in economy, Wilkie in business ... Twiggy's convenient timing ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

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12 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. paddy

    I’m not sure that Forrest’s donation has managed to bury the story.
    By the looks of my twitter feed, it’s just thrown petrol on the flames.
    Heaps of snark about just who’s $400 million he “gave away”.

    1. Di Keller

      Oooh , good question!!

    2. Phen

      Whose $400m? His $400m.

  2. Draco Houston

    Ashby is a crook? I’m shocked, shocked,

  3. old greybearded one

    It says a lot about the Perilous Pauline that she would employ Ashby at all. Twiggy, the rent seeking little sod is trying to pretend he’s a nice dude. His workers know otherwise. He has used his family name, as far as I can tell, to get a lot of favours done, including access to rail lines that neither he nor the WA gov’t contributed one cent to.

  4. klewso

    I thought it was the least Twiggy could do – after the ways he’s profited in the past, and is probably banking on into the future, after this?
    What I can’t understand is why this announcement took so much hoopla?

    1. Di Keller

      I’m always suspicious of Twiggy .

  5. Lesley Graham

    Interesting that Ashby would cry foul considering his previous track record. I am surely what he did to Peter Slipper can’t be forgotten in a hurry.
    It’s interesting that Forest & really all of these miners just can’t behave like reasonable human beings, seems odd that he won’t/can’t pay his way in previous projects, but then tries to buy political clout “now.” Slippery as an eel & the powers that be just don’t start asking questions…..

  6. Yclept

    Isn’t what Ashby describes just the same as the Libs and Parakelia?

  7. zut alors

    The quality &/or validity of Ashby’s One Nation printing credentials are in question.

    Recall 4 Corner’s report at around the time of the WA state election, a disenchanted candidate demonstrated Ashby’s incompetence. From the ABC website transcript:

    MARGARET DODD: If you come with me, I’ll just show you how absolutely shambolic and how wasteful this campaign has been.

    Here we have ten boxes, which is 30,000 how to vote cards, all these boxes here, and not one of them can you use.

    CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: She’s been delivered a stack of invalid how to vote cards organised by One Nation.

    MARGARET DODD: No printer’s name and address, you’ve got to have that on them, everybody knows that.

    CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: And if the printers name and address isn’t on them?

    MARGARET DODD: $1000 fine every time you hand one out

  8. Kevin_T

    Quote: “…if the publication is in the public interest. And the public is very interested.”

    I hope that you are being facetious, and do understand the difference.

  9. AR

    Twiggy is always the big talker/small fulfiller. I’ll believe his donation when it occurs, not because of a presser.
    Anyone remember his constantly recycled claims to be employing & empowering indigenous people over the last decade or more?