May 19, 2017

TV journo Steve Barrett implicated in ATO sting

Twenty-five years ago, his behaviour was the subject of a classic Media Watch gotcha.

David Salter

Journalist and former Media Watch executive producer.

The name of Sydney television journalist Steve Barrett has cropped up in connection with the alleged $165 million Australian Tax Office tax scam.


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4 thoughts on “TV journo Steve Barrett implicated in ATO sting

  1. CML

    Just points up how useless ‘self-examination’ by ANY group is!
    All questionable behaviour should be the subject of an INDEPENDENT enquiry…no matter the type of employment or the level of the employee.
    Outrageous behaviour on Barrett’s part…and journalists think the general public should support their jobs? I don’t think so!!

  2. Maria O'Connor

    Interesting, but how is Barrett implicated in the ATO sting?

  3. Peter Evans

    Mate of Chris Warren’s then?

  4. AR

    The uselessness of the MEAA is demonstrated by the conflation of entertainment & arts as having the same interests as journalists.
    And they wonder why no one gives a shit that they are now being shed as surplus to requirements in the brave, new meeja world.

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