May 19, 2017

Swedish prosecutors dump case against Julian Assange

Finally forced to interview Julian Assange over sexual assault claims, Swedish prosecutors have abandoned their pursuit of the Australian publisher.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The seven-year "investigation" of rape allegations against Australian publisher Julian Assange has been abandoned for a second time by Swedish prosecutors today after interviewing the Wikileaks founder and publisher in November.

Claims of sexual assault by Assange, centring on allegations he did not wear a condom during consensual sex, led to an investigation by Sweden's chief prosecutor in 2010. The prosecutor dismissed all but one of the allegations, including the accusation of sexual assault, saying “there is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever”. However, a right-wing politician and former prosecutor urged that Assange be pursued, and prosecutor Marianne Ny reopened the case, but allowed Assange, who had remained in Sweden to speak with authorities, to leave the country, after which an European arrest warrant was issued for him. It was under that warrant that Assange was arrested and briefly imprisoned in the UK, although the warrant is now no longer accepted by UK courts.

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3 thoughts on “Swedish prosecutors dump case against Julian Assange

  1. John Newton

    Further evidence that Bob Carr is a crunt.

    1. Marilyn J Shepherd

      Not to mention Gillard who labelled him a criminal

  2. Pollietragic

    Another case of Australian Government – both LNP & ALP, not giving a hoot about caring for its citizens overseas, if a major trade or military ally seeks or detains our Oz citizen under any pretence. The allegations by the 2 women about Assange were self contradicted from the start. One slept with him again within a day or two of the original alleged rape / non use of condom.
    I wonder what David Hicks thinks of the Oz govt’s lack of care for Assange. Howard was too embarrassed to find no Oz law could be found to prosecute Hicks, and let him rot in Guantanamo Bay until an election loomed. He discarded westminster principles of a fair trial to satisfy his ‘vare goo fren’ George W Bush. Even the UK took their citizens out of Guantanamo Bay.
    It didn’t used to be like this.

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