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May 19, 2017

Arrogant Immigration continues to bungle and stumble

There is no area where the Department of Immigration doesn't stuff up. Not even its own accommodation.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Department of Immigration

Secretary of the Department of Immigration Mike Pezzullo

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10 thoughts on “Arrogant Immigration continues to bungle and stumble

  1. mike westerman

    This departments arrogance is only outstripped by their dishonesty. But of course, their minister is a hard act to follow in both respects!

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    The evidence is piling up that the old Qld copper mates, Pezzullo and Dutton, have gone far beyond ‘the Peter Principle’. How these two got as high as they have is itself a story worth getting into. How have they got this far without being found out. It is highly doubtful that they just recently became incompetent due to promotion, more likely they were poor coppers who just found highly placed backers. How does this happen, and why does it happen so often in Australia?

  3. klewso

    How much is this three ringed circus costing us?

  4. Marilyn J Shepherd

    The department has been unaccountable for decades and that is just how successive governments like it.

  5. MJM

    “Plainly someone in Immigration failed to think through the consequences of many … […] .”

    Think you might be being a little unfair in singling out the Dept of Immigration Bernard. The name of virtually every federal government department could be inserted in place of Immigration and the statement would remain true as they all lack the experienced staff to think through the consequences of any proposed action.

    1. John Hall

      Christmas Island would be a good location. Plenty of sun for the bunch of coconuts.

  6. Norm

    Well it is now the Department of immigration AND BORDER PROTECTION, the quasi-military force whose uniforms are so dark navy they are almost SS black, and their senior commander’s dress uniform redolent of a Luftwaffe general’s. When our former dear leader Tony Abbott disappeared for 24 hours following his downfall, I almost wondered whether he was in conclave with Roman. We mocked them as Border Farce, but regrettably they have become far too concerning to be funny. Why wouldn’t they be arrogant?

  7. AR

    When he rose without trace in Customs, Pezzullo was notorious as a serial bungler constantly kicked upstairs so that he couldn’t screw up serious functions in operational areas.
    Unfortunately he happened to be at the top when the king of bunglers, Dunnuttin became Minister and recognised a kindred spirit – they support each other like drunks weaving down the street.

  8. Saugoof

    You’re missing the bigger picture here. Government waste and incompetence is only a problem when Labor us in power.

  9. sebster

    “I am not at this stage prepared to apologise to the committee or express any remorse or regret”. JFC what a complete prick Pezzullo is.