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May 17, 2017

Local content rules not needed for ABC: Michelle Guthrie

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie doesn't think the public broadcaster should be subject to local content quotas.


ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie doesn’t think the public broadcaster should be subject to local content quotas because it’s already required to tell Australian stories.


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5 thoughts on “Local content rules not needed for ABC: Michelle Guthrie 

  1. Bill Hilliger

    Local content rules depends on what Rupert expects / demands.

  2. Bob Weis

    This argument about local content rules has been going on for a long time with the commercial stations opposing them at every turn.
    Reading Dalton on the ABC is a laugh. He closed down the Natural History unit, which at the time was one of the most productive and successful parts of the ABC and also brought in money from international partners. They were respected around the world.
    What is needed is a thorough assessment of all the platforms that make up broad and narrowcasting with a plan that best supports both quality local productions and audiences.
    Let’s stop pretending that the world hasn’t changed and properly fund our national broadcasters to live up to their charters.
    And keep Rupert away from all of it.

  3. shea mcduff

    The second action of a new Labor government should be the ignominious sacking of Guthrie preceded immediately by those who employed her to apply the coup de grace to the ABC.
    Yeah, I know.. they can’t and won’t … but still, it would be justice.

  4. AR

    One wonders if Guthrie is still on retainer to do the mudorc’s bidding to undermine & destroy the ABC.


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