May 15, 2017

Matthewson: how will the Greens navigate ‘leftie’ budget measures?

Will the Greens take a "pragmatic" approach to Scott Morrison's "pragmatic" budget? Or will they stay the party of the protest vote?

Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

It’s never easy to compete with the cacophony of the majors duking it out in the parliament during budget week. Only the biggest of the lobby groups get a word in edgewise, leaving limited airtime for any other political players.

The oldest of the existing minor parties, the Greens, resorted to pulling a procedural stunt in the Senate to get its views into Hansard, and later broadcast its leader’s budget-in-reply speech to voters via Facebook. Neither rated much more than a mention in the media.

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11 thoughts on “Matthewson: how will the Greens navigate ‘leftie’ budget measures?

  1. shea mcduff

    Continuing the fine media tradition of attempting to wedge Oz politics, and the Greens, into neat little pre-digested stereotyped ‘narrative’ boxes that have no real connection to reality.

  2. Djbekka

    I’m getting very weary of the myth of a thin line of differentiation in politics from right to left. First because there are so many possible issues and positions that determine the views of individuals, much less parties: take the combination of economics and social/sexual morality for example, where people who believe in unregulated markets are perfectly happy to see the state regulate social life of all, in fact they demand it. Second because assigning a label to a policy or budget prejudges the position being analysed as in this article. A move to the ‘left’ from the Abbott/ Hockey budget is a move to the centre of Australian thinking, not a ‘leftie’ move. There have been several days to think about this article and yet it sounds like little more than a top of the head throw away puff. Just stop it before Crikey itself loses credibility.

  3. paddy

    Really Crikey, if Paula Matthewson is the best you can come up with for commentary on the Greens, you need to try harder.

  4. Marilyn J Shepherd

    What leftie things, drug testing the destitute, making the poor pay for the rich? Come on Paula, your Howard connection shows with this con job.

  5. bushby jane

    Don’t forget the Greens support of changes to aged pension eligibility.

    1. Cantbeeffed

      Why would that be problematic for the Greens? Limiting the pension to all but the most needy is totally consistent with their ideology.

      1. bushby jane

        Point being that it was another deal struck with the coalition that Paula didn’t mention, is all.

  6. John Hall

    Hey – they have to grow up sometime if they ever expect to govern. I hold out a forlorn hope for the Democrats to arise again or at least a new Buffy series.

    1. Cantbeeffed

      Despite all the theatre, if you look at coring records on most issues, there’s very little difference between Labor and the Libs. You’re saying that the Greens should join them. Isn’t it a bit crowded in the ruthlessly pragmatic pay off the political spectrum? Or have we completely abandoned any hope of idealism and values in politics?

      1. Cantbeeffed

        *voting records

  7. AR

    Matthewson seems to be another cut’n’paste exponent in producing nothing new or of value but outright ‘fake news’ is unacceptable.
    Dimwit di Natale did NOT help in “scrapping group voting tickets for election to the Senate” – but the exact opposite.
    He was so pants-wettingly chuffed to be with the big boys that he dumped decades of Green policy (the abolition of the Line in the Senate) and agreed to the government’s first attempt which only allowed OPV above, not below the Line where we would still have had to fill out the entire beach towel ballot.
    It was only the public arcing up and the efforts of Sen. Xenophon & psephologist Antony Green in the infamous “40 Minute Estimates Committee” that managed to drop that craven cringe from the Black W(r)iggle.
    He is worse than a waste of space, he is actively – probably with malice aforethought to sink the Leftish ‘taint’ and stick it to Rhiannon & the memory of Brown/Milne – trying to take the Greens down the cul-de-sac which destroyed the German party, now known derisively as grauGrunen/grey greens by anyone with principle under 50, by grovelling to any proposal that he thinks will ensure this aim.

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