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May 15, 2017

Can subscriptions sustain a mass-market media model?

While the market hears,“Profits!”, readers hear, “Fewer journalists, less news!” It's a confusing message, writes journalist and media watcher Christopher Warren.

The striking Fairfax journalists deserve credit for puncturing the idea that reshaping news media can only occur – or can occur at all — within the sort of narrow Micawber-ism being pushed out by Fairfax management.

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3 thoughts on “Can subscriptions sustain a mass-market media model?

  1. Jack Robertson

    No. The numbers will never hold up. The last ever generation to accept the concept of monetised information (on a sustainable mass media scale) was born a decade ago.

    Good article.

  2. Jack Robertson

    …or perhaps two decades ago.

  3. AR

    Quite a simple equation really: fewer journalists=less news=angry readers.
    But, hey, if it gets you a Maserati as your erstwhile minions trudge out of the door, what’s the problem?