There are calls for the Department of Human Services to cease forcing people with Down Syndrome to continually get medical documents to prove they still have Down Syndrome to keep their disability support pension.

In successive budgets from the 2014-2015 financial year on, the government has tasked the department to conduct tens of thousands of reviews every year for people on the DSP, with the aim of reducing the number of recipients who could otherwise be working. As part of the crackdown, the department began conducting medical eligibility reviews for people on the DSP aged 35 and under as well as a separate review for people over 35. In a report tabled in Parliament today, the Joint Standing Committee of Public Accounts and Audit found that DHS had been targeting people for medical reviews who were not likely to have improved medical conditions.

"The Committee heard evidence from submitters that data matching with other Government payments and systems is not being used to exclude recipients who present little risk of becoming ineligible for the DSP," the report stated.