May 11, 2017

Human Services harassing Down Syndrome disability support recipients

Human Services has been forcing people with Down Syndrome to keep getting medical reviews to keep the disability support pension.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor



There are calls for the Department of Human Services to cease forcing people with Down Syndrome to continually get medical documents to prove they still have Down Syndrome to keep their disability support pension.

In successive budgets from the 2014-2015 financial year on, the government has tasked the department to conduct tens of thousands of reviews every year for people on the DSP, with the aim of reducing the number of recipients who could otherwise be working. As part of the crackdown, the department began conducting medical eligibility reviews for people on the DSP aged 35 and under as well as a separate review for people over 35. In a report tabled in Parliament today, the Joint Standing Committee of Public Accounts and Audit found that DHS had been targeting people for medical reviews who were not likely to have improved medical conditions.

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10 thoughts on “Human Services harassing Down Syndrome disability support recipients

  1. old greybearded one

    Is Tudge’s inability to be a decent human being chromosomal? He never sees to change. I really want to get some of these guys and bang their head on the wall a few times….repeat after me. You do not get over Down’s syndrome.

  2. Whodathunkit

    When they produce one person who has been “cured” of Down Syndrome I will be prepared to discuss regular reviews. How hard is it to put a flag in the system that says “no further review required” and stop any future harassment.

  3. klewso

    “Human Services” – Oxymoron of the Decade?

  4. Dion Giles

    Officials are a lower form of life even than pollies and corporate lawyers, and here they are proving it yet again.

    1. Norm

      Dion, I get where you’re coming from, but as a retired very junior ‘official’ (always rather liked the word ‘functionary’ myself), may I suggest that you mean the SES – Senior Executive Service. From the day John Howard took over, proceeded to sack every Department Head, and thoroughly politicise the Public Service, I witnessed, and was victim, as our ‘frank and fearless’ mandarins were reduced to being the lapdogs of ‘non-core promises’ sociopathic lying. But have mercy on the junior functionaries, who can only do what the pollies’ laprotweillers demand.

      1. Dion Giles

        I don’t just mean SES tall poppies. I mean every jack-in-office, at every level, who participates in foisting “reviews” on people with Down Syndrome. All of them trying to reassure the Sirs on the next rung up that they are OK with the programme. Their unceasing “you are required to” demands on citizens calls for a radical reversal, at the legislative level, of officialdom’s powers over the Common Herd. Starting perhaps with Centrelink.

  5. Lesley Graham

    This is the problem with the neocons, they seem to think that it’s acceptable to waste so much taxpayers money, on a process that is largely unproductive so as to keep their their deeply conservative electorates that are too senile or stupid to realise that the system is so tight that those that actually need the DSP aren’t able to get it, without jumping through so many hoops. Really this whole concept of people trying to rip off the system is an anomaly now rather than a regular occurrence. Why can’t this government start focusing on those rich people that are rorting the system for all they’re worth, oops I forgot it’s easier to go for the more vulnerable, and struggling as these people aren’t like them. They need to keep their rich mates happy, so that they keep handing over the $$$$’s come re-election time.

  6. Norm

    Un-freaking-believable. Full stop.

  7. Charlie Chaplin

    Words fail me.

  8. Just Me

    Takes a special sort of bastard to do this.

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