May 11, 2017

Pie-faced activism is the latest attempt to stop LGBTI people ‘flaunting it’

The "respectful debate" on marriage equality reaches absurdity in Australia with a pie in Qantas CEO Alan Joyce's face.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Alan Joyce Pie Face

Forty years ago this October, the public leader of an US lobby group called "Save our Children", Anita Bryant was holding a press conference in Des Moines making the argument against the march of gay rights, such as they were in 1977. 

After speaking in support of employers who were able to fire gay employees for choosing to "flaunt it" in the workplace, Bryant copped a strawberry-rhubarb pie in the face from gay activist Thom Higgins.

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8 thoughts on “Pie-faced activism is the latest attempt to stop LGBTI people ‘flaunting it’

  1. Whodathunkit

    A religious nut using violence to force his views on others!!!!! Whodathunk it.

    1. zut alors

      Seems that old line the god-botherers quote about ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ has missed its mark with this coot.

      And if Overheu emailed an apology to Joyce – emailed! – that simply adds to the insult.

      1. Bill Hilliger

        I understand by now that in reply to Mr Overhue now has an email to state that Mr Joyce will see him in court. Haw, haw, haw.

  2. Bill Hilliger

    The fundamentalist Christian pie thrower obviously doesn’t know or care that his hero Jesus was probably gay. Many say because Jesus hung out with his 12 male disciples all his adult life, suspicion is that he had an aura of gayness about him. On that basis he was put to death, because even then, the sort of thing that Jesus displayed was not tolerated.

    1. Steve

      Cool story, Bill. Not quite The Da Vinci Code, but one can only try.

    2. Itsarort

      Yep, I think Frodo was a bit gay too… And when it comes to Bibles, The Silmarillion wins hands down.

  3. Norm

    I have no time whatsoever for Mr Overheu and his ilk, but Alan Joyce a paragon of ‘good corporate social responsibility’. Ahem.

  4. Steve

    “It is not difficult to imagine that if someone had done this to Shelton or another marriage equality opponent, conservative media would be running on it for weeks, shouting from the rooftops that it was a sign that the “LGBTI brigade” were fascists and couldn’t be trusted to tolerate different views. But it was a “devout Christian” — as he was described by The Australian — said he couldn’t even stand the sight of Airbnb ads in Canberra airport calling for marriage equality.

    I would be completely unsurprised if the response this week from conservative columnists is “but it would be much worse for Joyce to be a gay man in a Muslim country” or “but Joyce was the real bully”. This is the current standard of debate from conservatives on LGBTI rights in Australia.”

    A bit of a questionable exercise to use not one but two hypotheticals to purport double standards. Hypocrites they may be, but the fact that govt figures have condemned the act fairly unequivocally makes the point moot.

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