On the school chaplaincy program

Nick Young writes: Re. “Taxpayers should shell out for religious indoctrination in public schools because freedom

I think that the key part of all of these panicked releases about Safe Schools rests on how it’s always “the LGBTI lifestyle” to people who disagree.

I think that it exposes the fundamental disagreement between people who believe that being LGBTI is something you *are* and people who believe it’s something that you *do*. For people who believe the latter, being LGBTI is a choice, and a morally reprehensible one at that. If you start from the axiom that being LGBTI is a choice, Safe Schools really would be what they claim. Teaching people that making these choices is okay is the same as teaching people to be LGBTI – because that’s all it is, a choice, as far as they are concerned.

On media ownership

Roger Richards writes: Re. “Reform package will deliver Murdoch massive control” (Monday) Doesn’t anybody else care? We have got ourselves into this mess because of the poor duty of care exercised by politicians over decades. Our shocking climate change response is in part due to our reliance on the Murdoch press as well as the power of the coal barons. Farewell democracy, farewell barrier reef.

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