Turnbull Gonski Education

As if we needed any more evidence that you can screw over young people but not their parents, this week furnished it in spades. A day after revealing that $2.8 billion would be taken from universities and students, the government has revealed it will spend an extra $2.2 billion on school funding, in an effort to finally end the incessant war that Labor has waged against it on school funding since the Gillard years.

Even combined with the $1.2 billion it deployed in a similar effort in the last budget, this doesn't match Labor's commitment to go the "full Gonski", but Turnbull's response to that is to hire David Gonski himself to review funding allocations. It's not Gonski's undoubted expertise that Turnbull is hiring, though -- it's the right to use his name as a kind of human shield against Labor's attacks.