May 2, 2017

Canavan’s call to boycott Westpac a colossally stupid salvo in the new Truth Wars

Matt Canavan says Queenslanders should boycott Westpac since the bank is not going to lend money to the colossally wasteful Adani coal mine and becomes sucked into the Nationals Irony Generator.

Michael Bradley — Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

Michael Bradley

Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

One of the many sounds I can’t excise from my head is President Trump saying “We’re going to have clean coal, reeeelly cleeeen co-al…”

As the Truth Wars rev up, patently silly things said by powerful people become white noise. Our own politicians are adapting with impressive speed to the licence Trump has given everyone to construct their own reality and attack their enemies with weaponised hypocrisy. 

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12 thoughts on “Canavan’s call to boycott Westpac a colossally stupid salvo in the new Truth Wars

  1. old greybearded one

    As I understand the nature of coal, the Galilee basin stuff is rubbish (why we have never mined it before). It would offer no improvement and Adani has stated after using gigalitres of water they get for nothing to wash the stuff good coal will not go to India. You are right Canavan is a prize fool, but he is also a most untruthful one to all appearances.

  2. mike westerman

    The saddest sight is to hear this member of our currently ruling “wimps” decry Westpac as wimps for not standing up to protesters. Clearly standing up to the government is manly enough for them!
    Meanwhile, Adani gets on with building billions of dollars worth of solar projects while it waits for the sorry state of its balance sheet in the coal sector to be forgotten about. And in Qld >2GW of solar is on the way…

  3. zut alors

    Canavan is clearly now in competition with Dutton for the Idiot of The Current Financial Quarter Award. Why did he stop at Galilee coal being 60% better when fantasy knows no bounds and he could’ve plumped for the full 100%.

    For informed comment on the Adani project & current government policy in India regarding coal, Mark Butler’s interview on last week’s ABC’s Insiders is an excellent summary.

    1. klewso

      And that’s why they – from Abetz up – hate the ABC with a passion; they give air to people to say things that Rupert’s minions wouldn’t.

      1. jaygee

        A warm round of applause for the winner of Idiot of the Quarter, Matt “The Prat” Canavan!
        In such a packed field of worthy contenders Matt The Prat showed extraordinary tenacity in clinging to the steaming pile of dog doo which is the Adani project. But it was his cringe-worthy State-based jingoism that eventually secured him the covered gong.

        1. MAC TEZ

          A packed field indeed and The Prat’s excellent pedigree and consistent form made him a short-priced favourite in a very close contest.

  4. klewso

    Jethro taught him everything he nose.

    1. klewso

      A storm in Matthew’s 45DD cup?

  5. AR

    It is very informative when the writer sticks to something he knows, legalism, rather than blundering through half understood recent history.

  6. sebster

    Excellent analysis again.
    Thank you!

  7. This week – a lot of nuclear and climate news | Nuclear Australia

    […]  Federal Minister For Coal, Matt Canavan cause the Australian States “silly”.      Canavan’s call to boycott Westpac Bank – a colossally stupid salvo in the new Truth Wars. Getting the government ‘out of bed […]

  8. Dog's Breakfast

    Thanks Michael, you are fast becoming one of my favourite Crikey writers.

    “We will decide when we want to give away our natural resources for nothing, and build a railway for free, and drain the Great Artesian Basin, while ruining the environment now and for the future, and the circumstances in which we roll over to corrupt overseas businessmen who have set up accounts in the Cayman Islands and pay no tax”

    Thanks also to contributors here, made my wife and I laugh about something that we have not had much reason to smile about.

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