Serious question: what, exactly, motivates this government's passionate loathing of young people?

The government's new $2.8 billion cuts to higher education funding, a mix of higher upfront fees for students, harsher loan repayment requirements and cuts to university funding, have been downplayed by some in the media. A "steady-as-you-go package" one commentator called it, contrasting it positively with the previous reform package sprung on the sector by Christopher Pyne, that would have saved $4.2 billion; another journalist tweeted that average students would only pay $8 a week more in repayments (just a couple of soy lattes, right?). There'll be no $100,000 degrees; the most expensive is a medical degree at a mere $75,000. Remarkable how much better a draconian package of cuts and fee rises sounds when compared to the original ambit claim.