Apr 28, 2017

Why we should stop Serco from taking over public housing

Should public housing be privately managed? And if so, should Serco, infamous for its role in offshore detention centres, be the one doing the managing?

British multinational Serco is angling for more work in Australia. In August, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the New South Wales government was preparing to start outsourcing public housing in 2017, with about a third to be transferred to non-government groups over four years. Serco told what was then Mike Baird’s government that it was a horrible idea to allow small providers to take control of housing and authorities should entrust the work to larger, private players.

The new leadership of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is set to continue the plan. In a statement to Crikey, Minister for Family, Community Services and Social Housing Pru Goward said that tenders were to be issued in late March and the result would “grow the supply of social, affordable and private housing”.

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7 thoughts on “Why we should stop Serco from taking over public housing

  1. old greybearded one

    Why would anyone ever allow Serco near anything with vulnerable people? Theri record involves what many would call theft and in some cases it would seem manslaughter. They are scum and always have been.

  2. mary wood

    Reading this article made me feel like looking for an exit strategy from this country. Will there ever be an end to our abuse of the marginalised, be they refugees, the poor, the old or any other group that government gets away with discriminating against. Have we lost any humanity we once had. God help Australia.

    1. Charlie Chaplin

      I agree Mary. I don’t think Australians have lost their humanity, though it’s certainly under threat and being systematically beaten out of us. It’s an inconvenience to the powers that be.

      How the hell do we stop our politicians dragging us down the path of ugly, predatory, US/UK capitalism? How do we wake the people to put the brakes on?

  3. Graeski

    “Socialism for billionaires.” I like that – I think it pretty well sums up the direction the world is heading in at the moment.

  4. Anthony LYONS

    Serco is in a perfect position to take over the New South Wales government. Politicians of all persuasion are usually totally unsuited for the position they hold and serve their factions first. An organization that can demonstrate that it can be completely ruthless and ignore accountability is much more acceptable that the present NSW government.

  5. cartoonmick

    Privatisation is the plague of our modern times. I hate the majority of privatisation deals done by governments, it is no more than the government outsourcing its responsibility. The government loses direct control, and we suffer as a result.
    I have just posted a piece on my blog about privatisation………………

    It doesn’t matter which company or service it is, privatisation introduces a middleman and that means we pay more. Read my blog !!

  6. Whodathunkit

    Give private companies access to government funding for essential services, what could possibly go wrong? When will we ever learn?

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