Apr 24, 2017

Just trust us on Manus facts, says secrecy-obsessed govt

Coalition senators have criticised Parliament for relying on sources other than the government for information on what happens in offshore detention.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Could Comcare end the Manus Island destruction?

Government senators have said Parliament should rely less on information from media reports for what is happening in offshore detention centres, while the government refuses to release information about what is happening in those centres.

On Friday, the report from the Senate inquiry into the Nauru Files -- more than 2000 reports of incidents that had occurred in offshore detention on Nauru, published by Guardian Australia -- was tabled, with every senator largely sticking to his or her party's policies on offshore detention. The majority report from Labor senators recommends new audits and oversight over medical services, the appointment of a children's advocate in line with Labor policy, and that the government consider policy to resettle refugees elsewhere, including in New Zealand. 

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14 thoughts on “Just trust us on Manus facts, says secrecy-obsessed govt

  1. graybul

    The Immigration Minister’s utter contempt for the Australian electorate is absolute; and that contempt/unaccountability extends to The House of the People.

    Lies, threats and obfuscation are the currency of LNP governance.

  2. klewso

    Don’t worry, Malcolm will put this right……

    1. Draco Houston

      Immigration needs a good defunding and a purge of the whole leadership, for a start. Frankly, they should abolish the department, then burn down the buildings with the staff inside. Chain the Pez to his desk so he can’t escape.

      1. Draco Houston

        oops, didn’t mean for that to be a reply

  3. Rob Pilgrim

    So more #alternativefacts from Dutton, or is that ‘ alternative to facts’?

  4. Michael Sandford

    P.Duddy – lower than a snakes ar$hole.

    1. zut alors

      Agreed. He can’t be trusted to tell the time.

  5. bushby jane

    Ian McDonald has no credibility, shouldn’t be treated as if he has.

  6. old greybearded one

    The PNG local member said on RN this morning that Dutton was talking nonsense, there had been no complaint about children and that the soccer game was the correct story.

  7. Matt Hardin

    Lies, abuse and cruelty done in the name of the Australian people to the vulnerable. History will judge us on this. Shut the campus now!

    1. Matt Hardin

      “camps” obviously

  8. jeff mustard

    Dutton used to be a drug squad detective, imagine how many people he has fitted up. Absolutely no belief in the rule of law or evidence.

  9. AR

    The excuse of the totalitarian mindset exemplified “..there are facts that I have that you don’t..“.
    Easily solved – show us these facts or would that lead to more payouts like Morriscum’s claims of care workers encouraging self harm?

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