Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's petulant, aggressive, blame-the-media response to being rigorously but fairly questioned by Barrie Cassidy yesterday about the recent armed assault on the Manus Island detention camp is consistent with the man's political persona. He is thin-skinned and uninterested in debate; it was instructive that he resorted to the Trumpesque justification that he had facts that no one else did when challenged on the colossal discrepancies between his own version of events and that of the local police commander (described by Dutton as "the Twitter version").

For Dutton, the assault on the camp was all about a local five-year-old boy being lured in by detainees. In that context, Dutton presumably sees those events as more akin to the rescue of a child from the clutches of paedophile asylum seekers than what the local police commander described as a drunken rampage by armed soldiers unrelated to a 10-year old (Dutton seemingly can't even get basic facts straight) getting fruit from the detention camp a week earlier.