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Apr 21, 2017


Decisions, decisions, what should we do? The chess board of life has brought together an interesting array of difficult issues for decision-makers to resolve in the coming weeks.


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2 thoughts on “Mayne: how gambling, sport and gender issues intersect 

  1. Dion Giles

    “How far should the federal government go in banning gambling ads during live sports broadcasts?”
    All the way. Ads are an interruption but Ch 7 handles them with maximum consideration for people who switch Ch 7 on to watch the footy and mute out ads.
    However, gambling ads evoke more than boredom, they evoke anger. Not just because of the idiots they persuade to gamble, but because of the effrontery of appealing to watchers’ greed to maintain the gambling industry’s greed. Every gambling ad is a blatant insult to viewers and the sooner the Commonwealth Government puts the kybosh on them 24/7 the better.

  2. AR

    Bloody BRILLIANT – that is the sort of journalism I want to read, not reheated drivel from elsewhere.
    As I said a couple of days ago, no wonder you were sued so often Mayne – you are one crazy brave and worthwhile reporter.
    Watch your back.


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