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Apr 21, 2017

LEAKED: Coalition election campaign slogans

Satirist Ben Pobjie has unearthed draft re-election campaign slogans for several prominent Coalition MPs.

The revelation that Malcolm Turnbull made a pitch to the voters of Warringah in 2016 to save former prime minister Tony Abbott’s seat, including the message “Vote for Abbott, Save the Great Barrier Reef”, has led Crikey to do some further digging in the inner sanctum of government strategists.

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3 thoughts on “LEAKED: Coalition election campaign slogans

  1. klewso

    The Senate?
    NSW :- “Vote for Arfur Wattsisname …. (or we’ll have Para keel ya).”?
    Tas :- “Get Up and Give Erica go!”?
    Qld :- “Vote for O’Sullivan … or it’s a pox on all his houses”?
    “Vote for Brand X … it’s gotta work eventually.”?
    WA :- “Vote for Cormann and Cash – for all your One Nation needs”?
    Vic :- “Vote for Paterson …. support your local IPA”?

  2. phonakins

    ““Vote for Pyne, save the housing industry” (spread a rumour that if Pyne loses his seat he has vowed to start burning down houses)”

    but surely that will a boost for builders?
    Here I go, trying to apply logic

  3. AR

    What’s wrong with the eternal slogan, “we ain’t the others!”? It seems to have worked over & over, despite copious evidence to the contrary .