Apr 21, 2017

After campaigning against Australian LGBTI kids, ACL turns its attention globally

The group that led the campaign against Safe Schools now wants to stop Australian aid funding being spent on sexual health services and education.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Not content with having bullied state governments in New South Wales and Tasmania into dropping the Safe Schools program designed to help LGBTI students, the Australian Christian Lobby has set its sights on banning Australian government aid for LGBTI youth across the globe and banning funding of women's reproductive health services.

In a submission to the federal government's foreign policy white paper, the lobby group said that "many aid workers" were surprised that "provision of clean water, housing and electricity" was being "put aside" in favour of sex education.

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7 thoughts on “After campaigning against Australian LGBTI kids, ACL turns its attention globally

  1. Yclept

    I think it’s clear which group has an “aggressive ideology” and is “ethically dubious”!

  2. leon knight

    The ACL are terrorists in effect, they should be banned.
    Do some research Crikey, and publish a list of all Aid organisations associated with them, so people can avoid them and contribute to decent ones instead.

  3. bref

    The less said about this mob of nutters, the better.

  4. Northy

    It must be hard to live in a society where your heinous views are so far divorced from the majority of those around you. I imagine that is the daily reality lived by ACL staff members.

  5. AR

    It is hard to imagine a more perfect example of why there should be freedom FROM religion in public life.
    These repellent creatures are not content to be deluded but are determined that others suffer from their idiocies.

  6. Kim Colbourne

    “If genuine compassion is our aim, Australia must eschew funding programs that promote abortion, comprehensive sexuality education.”
    … because putting homosexual people in jail for up to ten years is perfectly okay and we’re willing to forgo any pressure point (such as foreign aid) that we could normally use to affect such injustice.
    From memory, the figures from the first Kinsey report were ten percent of men and eleven percent of women self identify as homosexual for a period of more than three years, and I think those numbers have remained fairly stable? (Open to correction, haven’t checked.) That’s a lot of jail cells for innocent people. I wouldn’t say that’s genuine compassion.

  7. Rortydog

    I am ashamed they are Australian. They are not Christian. I suppose they are still a lobby, though.

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