"This is not a negative discriminatory test, this is a test that affirms the desirability of more fully integrating newcomers into the mainstream of Australian society ... It is designed, not as some kind of Trivial Pursuit, but is designed to ensure that people do understand and have a working capacity in the national language, which is English." John Howard, 2006

So, apparently, John Howard (and his immigration parliamentary secretary, Andrew Robb) didn't get it right back in 2006. Now we need a tougher English test and a test that better affirms mainstream values -- not just requiring citizenship applicants to agree to a list of them. And you'll only be able to take it three times (Robb wanted applicants to be able to "sit the tests as many times as they needed to"). And they stuffed up on the residency requirements -- Howard extended the residency requirement to four years, including one year as a permanent resident. Now it needs to be four years as a permanent resident, apparently. Thankfully, Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton are here to save us from the failings of John Howard.