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Apr 20, 2017

Poll Bludger: 457 visa changes are naked populism

Immigration has continued to gain salience as an election issue over the last few terms, even as the sting went out of the boat arrivals issue, and Turnbull knows it.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Try as he might to dress it up with talk of “putting Australian workers first”, it can hardly be doubted that electoral considerations were at the forefront of the Prime Minister’s mind when he unveiled an overhaul of the 457 visa system on Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: 457 visa changes are naked populism

  1. klewso

    Australian Idle :- “Now here’s a treat for us all. Malcolm Turnbull on dog-whistle, with his version of “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”, from Cabaret….. Relax and enjoy. Take it away Malcolm …..”

  2. Draco Houston

    Yeah, the electorate will be real pleased the hated 457 program is gone and replaced by the same program with a different name. Come the fuck on.

  3. CML

    The suggestion that everyone who wants the 457 visas reduced are all ‘racist pigs’ is nonsense.
    I think William is correct in pointing out that people who want this reduction, do so for economic , not racist, reasons. I am offended by the very suggestion.
    I am in this group, and don’t care if 457 visa applicants come from USA, UK, Europe or anywhere else. Simply because whoever comes into this country and takes up employment here, denies an Aussie a job.
    If we don’t have the so-called skilled people available, it is high time we started educating/training our own people. Fix the TAFE system to begin with.
    Also, I don’t believe that 457 visas should become a pathway for permanent residency/citizenship either. At the moment, 457s and other visas (such as study ones) seem to be giving open slather to those who come here for SHORT periods of time to rort the system and stay here permanently.
    Formal immigration channels should be the ONLY path to citizenship…otherwise we have no idea who is coming in here, or how many there are. These comments apply to EVERYONE rorting the system…white, black or purple with yellow polka dots!!