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Apr 18, 2017


Judging by his latest interventions, Tony Abbott’s campaign to drive Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal leadership began in earnest at the end of last week.


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33 thoughts on “Matthewson: what Abbott doesn’t say is what should worry Turnbull 

  1. Dog's Breakfast

    “people were frustrated with “governments that don’t deliver” and “oppositions that oppose just to score political points”,

    He is truly an astonishing man, having scaled new heights, or depths, on both points. The lack of veracity is at Olympic record levels.

  2. Aethelstan

    I cannot imagine a worse fate for Australia than a divisive untruthful character like Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister again …

  3. Duncan Gilbey

    GO TONES! You’re causing Turnbull more grief that Shorten is…

    1. zut alors

      Surely Abbott is secretly Shorten’s new aide-de-camp.

      1. Pedantic, Balwyn

        Yes, Zut Alors, I too have wondered the same thing. Could it be that those pesky Unions are paying him to get Bill elected?

  4. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Abbott must be relying upon the public having a serious case of collective amnesia, if thinks we have forgotten that he lied, broke promises, made stupid decisions, was unrelentingly negative – even in power, abused his parliamentary expenses and clearly favored big business over the vast majority of voters. But we haven’t forgotten, go away and leave us alone Abbott, we’re sick of your posturing.

  5. rhwombat

    Abbott is just a persistent discharge from the wasting disease that was Paula Matthewson’s old boss: The Howard party of spivs and parasites. Neither Abbott nor Turnbull can survive the pustular Trump.

    1. klewso

      “Bring out ya Homer……
      pssst ….. wanna buy a used and very battered weather vane? Ninepence and he’s yores.”

      1. rhwombat

        “Ninepence and he’s yaws?”

        1. klewso

          Sixpence – and I’ll throw in Ghoulie and Erica.

          1. rhwombat

            Are you paying me to take them away?

    2. cairns50

      you have said it all my friend # 100% agree how did this lying expense fraudster thug ever become PM of our country, it will shame our country forever that he was

  6. old greybearded one

    As usual, Abbott is lying. I have had a Tony Abbott Pollie Pedal experience and I promise you he doesn’t listen. It is simply astounding to be lectured on good government by someone who is its antithesis. Abbott when he became leader due to the one vote of Head Leaner Hockey set in motion a chain of events which has been catastrophic for our economy and social structure. Had he not been leader the Liberals may have won the 2010 election with at least some forward looking policies. However, we have had nothing but divisiveness, alienation and inequity from the Once Liberal party. Howard and his advisors are very much to blame, but these idiots keep increasing the pressure and damaging the fundamental fabric of our nation.

  7. Nudiefish

    Paula, makes sense. He knows that he can’t come back to the PM position, so he’s a spoiler.

    1. leon knight

      Sense??? Why has she got a gig on Crikey at all?
      We don’t pay to read her attempts at turd polishing….

  8. zut alors

    The electorate sure has a short memory. For example, I find it hard to recall how I survived financially prior to Abbott’s munificent annual windfall of $550 once he axed the carbon tax. Even though Peta Credlin recently denied it was ever a tax. The days of milk & honey have not ceased from that moment, truly life changing.

    Abbott performed this benefaction at around the same time he made the Budget Emergency disappear: it no longer hung over Oz like a storm cloud, suddenly it was all gone. What a guy.

  9. Mike Smith

    “There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping. I’ve never leaked or backgrounded against anyone. And I certainly won’t start now.”
    About as truthful as:
    “no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS”

    1. Zarathrusta

      Don’t forget the way it’s stacked the ABC board and management with their lackys so it now parrots Liberal bullshit.

  10. Draco Houston

    I think I preferred Tony’s naked incompetence and sycophantry to the embarrassingly bad technocrat. Has Turnbull ever given you Sir Prince Phillip? Nope, and at the same time as not being really funny to watch, his policies suck, his cabinet sucks, and he’s a huge idiot.

    This was not an upgrade. Turnbull will never casually eat a raw onion with the skin on it. He will, however, try to pass a lot of crap bills on the way down.

  11. bushby jane

    It was amazing how the carbon tax lie gained so much credibility, and I am sure there are still plenty of people who still buy it. Ditto the pink batts and school hall demolition jobs. There are no surprises really, Turnbull always was a dud, only wanted to be pm, but had no plan apart from that. Therefore, I for one am not happy with his leadership, so from that point of view Abbott is sort of right.

    1. klewso

      Grandstand Mal – MT.

  12. Venise Alstergren

    “Dead wood like Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz in Cabinet.” In the case of Kevin Andrews it’s almost touching to see our Kevin fussing around his leader when the latter turns up in a bike race.

  13. PhilM

    Abbott, he’s just a nasty wrecking piece of work. Always has been always will be.
    Until the coalition get rid of the Luddite bible bashing conservatives in their midst they are a lost cause.

  14. simon richerd

    I cannot imagine a worse fate for Australia than a divisive untruthful character like Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister again … Right.

  15. gerald butler

    Oh my,he’s opened his great big gob again,the lying,crass bastard. The only good to come from this is he is slowly garrotting the hapless Turnbull who appears unable to shut him down. If it was 1817 we could send them to the nearest paddock for a duel.

  16. Marion Wilson

    If the Liberals really wanted to silence Abbott they should demand that the details of his Australian Citizenship be made available for public scrutiny. He may have rejected his British Citizenship by now but I wouldn’t bet serious money on it. The date of the rejection could be critical as to whether or not he had the legal right to stand for Parliament in the first instance. He has spent many years hiding the date. Why?

  17. AR

    Abbotrocious continues, as when PM, to be gumBoil Shlernt’s best asset so, if he just just avoid falling out of his very comfy chair and learn to eat a sanger, he might just have a chance.
    Poor Bugger, my Country with such as these in power.

  18. Graham R

    “Operation Goldfish.” Perfect. Thanks for the laugh!

    What isn’t funny is how Turnbull has turned out to be so utterly craven, incompetent, and beholden to Big Money, that Abbott seriously thinks he has a chance of another go-round. At this stage of proceedings I doubt Abbott, lunatic though he is, could not actually be any worse for the bulk of Australians.

    1. klewso

      On the bright side, we do now have some idea of how big Turnbull’s ego is/costs?

  19. Xoanon

    Abbott is the pure distillation in human form of what is wrong with Australian politics. Utter contempt for voters beyond manipulating them; guided totally by personal interest rather than policy; obsessed with game-playing. He is completely despicable.

  20. Northy

    And his 5-point plan! So ridiculous! Most Australians, except for the 12 of them that read The Australian newspaper, don’t even know what the Human Rights Commission is, let alone want it abolished.

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