Apr 13, 2017

Rundle: Still Lucky an overly optimistic look at a very atomised and melancholy Australia

Politics is a series of kludges in which the unintended consequences pile up until the machine is silted to stasis, and we have to dig it out and start again.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Rebecca Huntley, Still Lucky: Why You Should Feel Optimistic About Australia And Its People. Penguin, 2017


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9 thoughts on “Rundle: Still Lucky an overly optimistic look at a very atomised and melancholy Australia

  1. Leroy Lynch

    Back in 2012, Tim Dunlop had a bit to say about the Laura Tingle Quarterly Essay that Guy mentions. Worth a read.

    “Little surprise we’re an ‘angry nation'”—trash-talking-to-power/4070316

  2. Nudiefish

    Great read. Makes me wonder why intellectual book reviewing has gone out of fashion in this country. I’ve very tempted to buy a copy on the strength of it just to examine GR’s thesis in more detail.

  3. Draco Houston

    Great stuff, Guy. Loved the Megalogenis tingle joke.

  4. Desmond Carroll

    A wonderful literary romp. Thank you, Comrade Rundle.

  5. Will

    The best thing here was being introduced to Michael Pusey’s writing. Thanks for that, GR!

  6. paddy

    Bless you Guy. I love you when you’re cross.
    Worth the price of entry yet again. (Never change mate.)

  7. AR

    The worried well witterings of the over entitled throwing theirs toys out of the pram coz they’re not the latest model or the wrong colour.

  8. Andrew McIntosh

    Optimism is always a mistake, a kind of poorly thought out over compensation for not really dealing with the reality in front of us and within us. I’d reject it on principle.

  9. Graham R

    John Howard spent ten years privatising debt, leaving Australians the most indebted Westerners in the world. This tends to lead to a feeling of permanent dread. The Current Government, having done nothing to lower private debt, has now ramped up public debt again. So double debt.

    The achievement here is in making Howard look like a Nice Guy.

    These indebted Australians are really looking forward to automation of their jobs and to the emerging gig economy.

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