We know The Australian suffers from logorrhea on its favourite topics but it's rare to see its assembled battery of popguns deployed against a Liberal government.

Today, the China extradition treaty offered the excuse for article after article on how badly the government had handled the "debacle". Julie Bishop was accused of having a poor "tone" when she met with backbenchers. "Clumsy handling" was the conclusion of another journalist, who en passant defended Tony Abbott against the charge of hypocrisy in criticising a treaty, the ratification of which he had promised the Chinese. Paul Kelly puffed up into full Bloviating Bore mode on what he labelled a "fiasco", an "embarrassment" in which Turnbull "misjudged the politics". "This was a significant event," he sagely noted, although he was not prepared to let Abbott off the hook -- he explicitly contrasted Abbott's commitment to the Chinese when Prime Minister to ratify the treaty and Abbott's claim now that he never intended to do so.