Of all the confidences betrayed in his memoirs, former editor of The Australian Chris Mitchell reckons only one person holds it against him. Of the five prime ministers with dedicated chapters in his tome Making Headlines, only Tony Abbott truly took offence, and now refuses to speak to Mitchell. Which is a shame, since he's apparently the most fun of any of them to see socially. Kevin Rudd, on the other hand, is still in touch.

Mitchell referred to all five PMs (Paul, John, Kevin, Julia and Tony) by their first names throughout a question-and-answer session with broadcaster and host Sally Warhaft at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre last night. The former editor-in-chief and current columnist of the Oz also talked about the lengths gone to in order to get the printed paper out daily across the country over its history. At one point, it cost News Corp $25 per copy of the paper distributed in the Kimberley in WA, where you could buy it for no more than a couple of dollars.