There's trouble at Sydney University's Centre for Information on America (otherwise known as the Sydney University US Studies Centre). The main problem is that the centre is a travesty of academic process, and Sydney University should never have agreed to host. Set up by the Howard government to create, haha, unbiased research on the US, it received a $25 million direct bung on establishment, and a bunch more since. Now it wants another $17 million to keep going.

The establishment of the centre was part of Howard's culture/knowledge war, and displayed his characteristic style at it: basic competence. When the Abbott government tried the same trick, by trying to set up a "dissident" climate change studies centre headed by Bjorn Lomborg (whose work is mostly non-peer reviewed), academics and universities arced up about it, and no home could be found (we were still charged $600,000 for the production of a single book, a rort still not adequately explained).