Channel Ten is struggling in the ratings and the financial struggles of its business are also well documented. So what does Channel Ten lack that other channels have got? Could the failure to have a successful breakfast program be part of the problem? Seven has Sunrise, Nine has Today and ABC has News Breakfast, each program has its familiar characters; whether it's roguish Karl Stefanovic or sharp 'n' shiney Sam Armytage, they’re sipping coffee with the bleary-eyed best of us at 6.45am. Meanwhile on Ten, Jamie Oliver is showing us how to make a casserole in 15 minutes. 

Ten have been drowning (not waving) in the 6am-ish to 9am-ish time slot arguably since they canned Good Morning Australia in 1992 and perhaps this abject failure to bring an appealing breakfast offering to the table has contributed to what has been a frankly surprising propensity to disappoint. After all, we’re talking about a network that has brought it’s audiences some brilliant Australian productions with the likes of Offspring and Puberty Blues and imports like The Good Wife, the various Law and Orders from legendary US producer Dick Wolf, and absolute giants like L.A. Law.