Mar 24, 2017

Does Channel Ten need its own Kochie to survive the ratings war?

Could there be something in the fact that Ten is the only commercial network without a breakfast TV show? Isabelle Amy and Glenn Dyerreport.

Channel Ten is struggling in the ratings and the financial struggles of its business are also well documented. So what does Channel Ten lack that other channels have got? Could the failure to have a successful breakfast program be part of the problem? Seven has Sunrise, Nine has Today and ABC has News Breakfast, each program has its familiar characters; whether it’s roguish Karl Stefanovic or sharp ‘n’ shiney Sam Armytage, they’re sipping coffee with the bleary-eyed best of us at 6.45am. Meanwhile on Ten, Jamie Oliver is showing us how to make a casserole in 15 minutes. 


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4 thoughts on “Does Channel Ten need its own Kochie to survive the ratings war?

  1. zut alors

    Please don’t even float this idea in jest. The last thing Oz TV needs is another commercial breakfast programme hosted by the mandatory airheads. The ‘news’ content of these shows would barely reach 20% while ad breaks take up at least 30% (although it feels more like 70%). The news mostly exists of local car crashes, shootings, muggings &, on a terror-incident day, saturation of airtime with repetitive live crosses to London/Paris/wherever. But with no new information being offered to the hapless viewers. Give us a break.

  2. Peter Hamilton

    Like the Curate’s egg, parts of Ten are excellent and competition in free to air is a whole ropeful of pearls of great importance – if only to cast before swine.

    Revolutionary idea; RENAME the outfit – my tip Channel No 5. Passes the sniff test…

  3. Lord Muck

    Surely running a breakfast show (i.e. present news, sport, weather) can’t be that hard, as long you don’t employ the likes of poison dwarf Paul Henry. Seeing him in action during his short stint was an apoplectic WTF moment and his demise and deportation were unanimously welcomed.

  4. Northy

    Thank you so much for directing us to that Shaun Micallef video. What a legend!

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