Parliament House is set to be rocked next Wednesday — not by explosive allegations, bombshell revelations or shock findings, but by the Parliamentary Friends of Australian Music. “Rock legend Diesel will be joined by Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool/Mondo Rock), Daryl Braithwaite, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), and Montaigne,” the group says in its invite. We admit we had to Google the last two guests, and fondly remember when Diesel was fresh-faced Johnny Diesel back in the day, leading the luridly named Injectors. Discreet inquiries by Crikey have revealed that the serjeant-at-arms will be on stand-by to intervene if Wilson attempts to play “Eagle Rock”. But it prompts us to invite our thousands of Parliament House readers and erstwhile political players to submit their nominations for the all-time greatest political band. Peter Garrett is the obvious choice for lead vocals; former Bendigo MP and veteran muso Steve Gibbons probably has a lock on the bass guitar spot, and Tony Abbott is well known for his enthusiastic, if not necessarily tuneful, belting out of songs, so he’s backing vocals. But which other politicians could hold down a spot in a parliamentary supergroup that would rock any house, upper or lower? Nominations to