On housing affordability

John Richardson writes: Re “On Housing affordability” (Wednesday)

I’m with Joe Boswell, although the endless list of policy failures that litter our sunburnt country suggests that it might be smarter to try & identify the very few examples of public policy success.

Just a few of the items that I would add to Joe’s list of failures include the NBN, Cane Toads, poker machines, privatisation, the environment, deaths in custody, Racism, competition policy, child sex abuse, the Murray-Darling, civil liberties, the Great Barrier Reef, the aluminium industry, the Tasmanian Tiger, the Australian Federal Police, media policy, public accountability ….

On Simon Birmingham’s “leaked texts”

Meredith Williams writes: Re. “Birmingham’s text message negotiations with cross benchers” (Wednesday)

Good one Ben Pobjie. Best laugh I’ve had all week.




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