There are 20 CEOs who signed the letter asking the government to legislate in favour of marriage equality -- but just one is named over and over again by conservative columnists looking to discredit those who dare to say marriage equality would be good for business. After taking aim at Telstra for supporting marriage equality while failing to fix his home phone, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton turned his attack to Qantas' Alan Joyce -- a favourite target of News Corp columnist Miranda Devine. Today Devine wrote about how many of the CEOs are from overseas -- singling out Irish-born Alan Joyce in the lead.

Devine isn't the only one to have a go at Joyce; The Courier Mail's Des Houghton writes today that he will never fly Qantas again: "I have some news for you Mr Joyce: You can leap around like a leprechaun all you like but Australians have already voted for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage at the last federal election."