Mar 20, 2017

Papal scorecard: Francis has revolutionised global thinking

Peope Francis has shown a remarkable ability to create change in the oldest multi-national organisation that teaches the world how to think, writes Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

Jorge Bergoglio, the man from Argentina, has just celebrated his fourth anniversary as Pope Francis. People are asking, “What has he achieved?”

The South American Pope is now an acknowledged world leader who has shown a remarkable ability to create change in the oldest multi-national organisation that teaches the world how to think. And he’s achieved his biggest change in just five words: "Who am I to judge?"

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19 thoughts on “Papal scorecard: Francis has revolutionised global thinking

  1. mikeb

    I wish other religious leaders could follow this lead.

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      Some are already there, like the Dalai Lama and Archbishop of Canterbury, and other will follow.

  2. Reverend Owen

    Good news indeed, but it sits rather awkwardly with his conviction that the devil is a physical presence in the world and that priests should brush up on their exorcism skills.

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      In what way? Please explain?

  3. klewso

    How do you explain Trump?

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      When I lived in New York in the 80s Trump was considered a buffoon who inherited a fortune from his father. America was a much different place in the 80s.

      Now, in 2017, Trump is President.

  4. CML

    Can’t be bothered reading this nonsense about the head of the BIG fairy tale department. It offends my atheism.
    You shouldn’t encourage these lunatics, Michael!

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      For someone who can’t be bothered you seem fully engaged to the point of writing a comment!! Disingenuousness is not a fitting substitute for thinking.

  5. graybul

    Unsure have really grasped an implied dimension, radicalism of coupling term “judgement” with an introduction i.e. “good” . . . and lo; future Vatican teachings will result in institutional transformation?

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      Fair enough. Try rereading several times and start deliberately connecting the dots … and the insights will surely follow.

      1. graybul

        Thanks for engaging Michael . . . and yes, insights followed. Consequentially, over simplification of thought lines under review.

  6. Djbekka

    Well, well, after centuries of teaching that the good thinking of the male clergy was correct, the current Pope finds himself in a world where male clergy abused children and leaders covered up the abuse to protect the reputation as moral arbiters, and after centuries of teaching that female thinking was deficient, the current Pope finds himself in a world where discernment is practiced by women everywhere, but not allowed in the church. I’m waiting to see how he practices his new found skill rather than how he talks about it.

    1. michael hewitt-gleeson

      Where was the great feat of discernment accomplished by the mothers and sisters of the boys who were raped and crushed by the pedofile priests? Why dis they not speak up when they had the chance? Get down of the cross, we need the wood!

  7. AR

    A Vaticanologist? What a waste of life – reminds me of the Kremlin’s chief ideologist who found himself surplus to requirements when the Wall fell.

    1. graybul

      @AR Thank you for my morning cheer.

      1. AR

        Happy to help but the mystery is why would anyone, with self respect and/or functioning neurons, describe themselves thusly, let alone be one?

        1. michael hewitt-gleeson

          It may not even be a mystery. It might simply be a failure of imagination on the part of the thinker.

          1. AR

            Self obsession is no indication of self awareness except in inverse ratio.

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