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Mar 20, 2017

What Q&A tells us about the ABC's soul

It's Tanya Plibersek's world, we just live in it, writes former Sydney Morning Herald editor-in-chief and UTS Professor of Journalism Peter Fray.


Peer into the soul of ABC and who would you see? Michelle Guthrie? Leigh Sales? Mr Squiggle? No.


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24 thoughts on “What Q&A tells us about the ABC’s soul 

  1. rossco

    I would like to see a similar analysis for Insiders, on both panelists and guests. For the guests I would be interested in break down by party, gender and state.

  2. zut alors

    O’Dwyer has appeared only three times? Why does it seem more….

    1. leon knight

      They are long hours I agree, but what about Brandis or Akerman – how much more excruciating can you get..??
      Pity there is no objective measure for intelligence or charm, or honesty….the LNP would be several country miles behind the other offerings (well Lambie could be the exception, but even she is courteous and well educated compared to the LNP talking heads – and thankfully Cash does not get on very often).

  3. sean hosking

    I read this thinking there was going to be some analysis or insight at some point.

    1. aliso6

      Agree with Sean; a load of smart-arse cobbly gook!#coulddomuchbetterbutdon’tbother

  4. mikeb

    I’m sure the Q&A producers would just love to just pick whoever they want who is: articulate, interesting, relevant, able and willing. That’s a tough criteria to fill. They go back to the “old” standbys because they are a guaranteed talent whether you like them or not. When Bob Brown was active in politics people would complain that he was on radio all the time and why weren’t such & such for the Laborials given the same airtime. The fact was however that Brown was always up for an interview, & would go out of his way to oblige. Not many of the Laborials would do that.

  5. mpkh99

    My main growing dislike for Q & A is the mindless blood sport Tony Jones tries to make it and how he can not help himself stomping over an audience question almost to total extinction. He makes them often as meaningful as a “talk back call” to a shock jock such as Jones.

      1. leon knight

        Me too, but I reckon you can see a marked drop in standards since Turnbull started whispering in Scott’s and Guthrie’s ears….I often struggle to halt my twitching Off finger.

  6. bushby jane

    Don’t watch Q&A, but am interested in the breakdown of The Drum. There doesn’t seem to be the variety of more interesting people that there used to be, and I wish that the hosts were able to shut up a few regulars like Sue Boyce. Same with yesterday’s Insiders guest Michael Sutchbury, who completely took over the show without any adjudication from Barrie Cassidy.

    1. Duncan Gilbey

      Sutchbury had me yelling at the TV yesterday. He seemed genuinely upset that people could dare suggest that reality was not conforming to his economic models.

      1. klewso

        Stutchbury is such a blatant Limited News Party apologist – acting like it’s his role in life to counter what he sees as “progressive factoids” : with his own basket of cherry/hand-picked ones?
        Taylor was onto him, Cassidy just smiled (in amused wonder?) – even fellow-apologist Atkins seemed to pick that up yesterday?
        ….. At least Savva has a go at “The Party” every now and then – even if it is only when Abbott’s taking air? Abbott being able to do so much more with so much less than her St Peter after all.

        1. klewso

          “Sunday” anyway.

    2. leon knight

      Repulsive indeed, and he is usually tolerable, but I really spew when they get those twerps from the IPA on, why should they get a voice on the ABC at all – there is nothing to balance against their brand of propaganda..!!

    3. Amanda

      Totally agree Jane. Poor Lenore Taylor with her scratchy voice trying to make herself heard.

  7. Michele Cochrane

    I must have nodded off; when did Australia start celebrating Thanskgiving?

    1. The Curmudgeon

      Beat me to the punch: an odd reference indeed.

  8. colin skene

    I don’t watch it so I have no idea how any metric would be useful. I don’t need to watch it to be informed. Who cares?

  9. thelorikeet

    Q&A lost its mojo abut 2 years ago. Analysis like this is peremptory – a post portem on a pre mortem body (ie still (just) alive)

  10. thelorikeet

    Q&A lost its mojo abut 2 years ago. Analysis like this is peremptory – a post mortem on a pre mortem body (ie still (just) alive)

  11. AR

    Given the way Leonine Taylor sliced, diced and then obliterated corporate shill Stutchbury yesterday on Insiders she can’t be on that prog. too often for my liking.
    Truly superb, by the end he was spluttering about selling ‘oil’ when he meant gas, the topic under discussion having abandoned his usual schtick of “poor job creating multinational aren’t making enough profit”.
    More, madam, more pleeez!

  12. klewso

    On tonight – luckily Monty Python’s Meaning of Life is on at the same time.
    Ad breaks – they were talking about “fake news”? I wonder if they got around to the way much of our msm, controlled/focused as it is, likes to stretch the truth to breaking point themselves – let alone how “social media” does it, following the standards the pros are paid to set?

  13. Bob the builder

    Q&A starts its break at THANKSGIVING?!?!?

    And there’s people still saying we’re not saturated with US culture!

  14. graybul

    The ABC is independent . . . right? Therefore authorised, required to speak out in absence of alternative viewpoints . . . right? The fact that the Australian community has held the ABC voice in great esteem since inception speaks volumes. Clearly community at large believed that a functional balance existed between public/community voice and that of the Commercial Media . . . right?

    Why then, following voracious attacks by Abbott/Turnbull Govt. upon ABC finances has the ABC ‘liberally’ leavened both visual and audio programmes with commercial voices? Commercial Media is dominated by Murdoch. The Murdoch voice dominates all media platforms. Why then has the ABC migrated so many commercial voices onto ABC platforms thereby reducing, squeezing out, alternative, community voices? Is the ABC Charter now at risk? Frankly, I believe the ABC is in danger of violating it’s reputation with a consequential reduction to public trust that will inevitably fragment the national social fabric. Is this what Australians want?


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