Mar 20, 2017

Curious George’s diary a terrific anti-climax

After more than 1000 days, Attorney-General George Brandis has finally released his diary.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


George Brandis

The release, after three years, of Attorney-General George Brandis’ diary might be the biggest anti-climax in Australian political history.


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7 thoughts on “Curious George’s diary a terrific anti-climax

  1. zut alors

    No surprises that nothing George Brandis has done is of any interest.

  2. Zeke

    Anti-climax? It proves that Brandis has misled the Senate. Unless you subscribe to the idea that Brandis had a spontaneous meeting with legal aid groups? No one was consulted, obviously.

    1. CML

      Haven’t the legal aid groups themselves denied any such meetings?
      I know who I’d rather believe!
      And yes, Zeke, it looks as though the AG has mislead the Senate…unless he can persuade some of his cronies to support his nonsense about spontaneous meetings!!

      1. thelorikeet

        Gee. He has cronies who’d support him? Who’d have thought?

  3. bushby jane

    Mislead again!

  4. AR

    I have said all along that he was embarrassed by how empty & boring it would show his time in office to have been.

  5. Richard Thompson

    Maybe it”s time that George took up his roving ambassadorship to Antarctica, he would be so suited to the job!

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