Western Australia

Mar 13, 2017

Rundle: jumpin’ around with One Nation and the micros at the election after-party

The sweaty crush around La Hanson, dozens of bodies in orange "One Nation" T-shirts ... Welcome to the Micro-Parties Party.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Jump around! Jump around! In the kitchen at the Micro-Parties Party in suburban Perth on Saturday night, they were jumping around. Gals and guys in bright yellow Daylight Savings T-shirts, black with white lettering for Fluoride Free, a pungent coil of odour of ganja coming in the window from the garden. Jump around! The McGowan-slide was on, but in the upper house, the numbers were looking good.

The five-party carousel -- each of five micros getting one upper house district in which they get all second preferences -- was spinning as the night went on, and the results came in. Looked like it would deliver, three maybe four seats, lock One Nation out altogether. Jump around! Daylight Savings and Fluoride Free were gathered around a formica table, chattering excitedly about the things they would do: 1) ban fluoride and introduce daylight saving; 2) um ...

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18 thoughts on “Rundle: jumpin’ around with One Nation and the micros at the election after-party

  1. Moving to Paraguay

    So glad you went out West, Guy, and found some of the best lines in recent journalism. It’s a shame you spoiled it with some lazy verticalism – “going south” should be relative to which hemisphere you’re in. Can you try to seed “going north” for the same purpose? You have the power.

    1. Owen Richardson

      ““going south” should be relative to which hemisphere you’re in.”

      1. Moving to Paraguay

        Because it is complicit with a vertical hierarchy that places North in a superior position, which is fine if you live in that hemisphere, but for those of us “down under”, it reinforces that sense of being at the bottom of the world—not good enough to make it in the transatlantic north. As that great Southern thinker Borges writes, “the history of the world is a metaphor”. Just as “darkness” is a simile for ignorance with racist baggage, so the recent use of “south” to denote failure reinforces the colonial division between developed and developing worlds.

        1. Bob the builder

          Nitpicking pseudo-progressivism at its best. “going south” derives from the downward direction of south on a compass. Sure, we could spend a few months arguing about the subtle assumptions that is making – or we could leave it be and read the actual stuff in the article and talk about that instead.

          1. Moving to Paraguay

            “Nitpicking” sure, but we can always presume that our discourse is open to review, particularly in such a free-thinking forum as Crikey. That of course shouldn’t detract from Rundle’s very interesting analysis of the post-boom West.
            On that, in my experience Perth has the best public transport system in Australia, a sign that not all its boomtime money has been frittered away—it’s just a shame that no one uses it.

        2. Owen Richardson

          Yes, I thought you would say something like that.

    2. archibald

      Figuratively, south = down. “went south like sherman” uses a literal southern thrust to refer to a crash dive of something like your finances or your attempt to be elected.

  2. zut alors

    Most amusing to know that Crikey is regarded as less of an enemy than the ABC by One Nation…that is until they find Guy’s notebook.

    ‘Pauline was in a black-on-white number with an Aubrey Beardsley touch…… Tincknell in a blue suit. Both in TV pancake make-up, they looked like a couple whose cruise ship had crashed into an Italian seaside town, and were now being interviewed as witnesses. ‘

    Only Rundle could come up with that image. This election has been a treat for Rundle fans.

  3. John Newton

    Did you get your Spirax back?

  4. rhwombat

    Pauline Putinova (her head?), Captain of the Costa Concordia II. Bravo Guy – a verbal cartoon worthy of Hogarth or David Pope. Please keep track of the notebooks – this theater of the Gonzo is going to run and run, and it needs an amanuensis of your caliber.
    You could liven it up by strategically leaving notebooks where they can be found by PHONies (though probably more effectively by people who can read): The Was Who Never Man.

  5. klewso

    “Smell of ganja, sinks full of ice, and beer”? I used to go to parties like that, but then at last I met a pretty girl, she laughed and talked with me….. she didn’t have red hair though…..

  6. Sammy

    “Both in TV pancake make-up, they looked like a couple whose cruise ship had crashed into an Italian seaside town, and were now being interviewed as witnesses.”

    Brilliant Rundle!

    1. colin skene

      Seriously brilliant!! Sooooo funny

  7. Will

    Who else but Guy would go in search of basic human decency among Pauline Hanson supporters? (After all, aren’t they all supposed to be toxic bigots that Turnbull should urgently disavow in defence of our civic culture?)

  8. AR

    It’s all over, bar the weeping, recriminations, back-biting and blame shifting.

  9. Linda Connolly

    “hot chicks”????? seriously Guy. I generally like your prose style, but that stinks.

  10. mikeb

    “except the Liberal Democrats cannot be persuaded to breed in captivity. Or out of it. They make pandas look like studs. ”

    It’s passages like this that keep me coming back.

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