Western Australia

Mar 9, 2017

What happened when Guy Rundle scored an interview with Pauline Hanson

The goodwill didn't last long, though. Perhaps they googled "Guy Rundle -- communist" or something, and realised the truth.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Before the broad sandstone sweep of the Kalgoorlie courthouse, arches and porticos and a clock tower etched against the sky, Pauline Hanson paused and turned on her heel to the photographers. It was close to midday and the sun was high in the sky, and she was perfectly turned out as always, a model for us all. The red coiffure had not a hair out of place, the eyebrows were as arched and feline as ever, and the dress was a knock-out -- a black and white just-below-the-knee number, with white, pink and orange tropical flowers growing up the back and front, black high heels, clack clack clack on the pavement.

The verandas of Hannan Street stretched before her, long and low, cast-iron rusting in the sun. A crowd of admirers stretched behind, came out of the K-Mart, white and Aboriginal, Indian and east Asian, wheeling shopping trolleys with their kids in the high-bit, and 16-pack toilet rolls and chuck steak in the front. They whispered excitedly to each other, they pushed each forward.

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64 thoughts on “What happened when Guy Rundle scored an interview with Pauline Hanson

  1. Aethelstan

    A wonder that Pauline didn’t tell Guy that she listens to the “people” … except if you are a low paid worker facing significant cuts to their wages as a result of the penalty rate decision … Pauline is in favour of even more cuts to these employees’ wages … so the “people” she is listening to must be business owners in search of higher profits … no wonder Pauline is preferencing the LNP …

  2. Xoanon

    That whole thing should read as surreal, but strangely – knowing outback Western Australia – it comes across as pinpoint accurate. Nice work.

  3. zut alors

    Rundle is hitting his straps, this account is manna from heaven/wherever.

    Hanson’s appeal explained & contained in eight words: “Oh, mate I wouldn’t have a clue. Darren!!”

  4. mikeb

    “about as useful as a creme brulee dildo”
    I’m betting someone somewhere has tried it.

    1. zut alors

      Or is about to…

  5. paddy

    Oh Guy, such wonderful work today.
    You had me at “Ashby, about as useful as a creme brulee dildo.”
    And that was just for starters.

    1. mg57

      My favourite bit too.

  6. Flat tyre

    Love ya work Guy.

  7. Bob the builder

    Well, their incompetence, or at least guilelessness, does seem to indicate that they aren’t normal politicians.
    One Nation is clearly attracting a wide range of support, much of it uninterested in the racial obsessions of its vile leader. It indicates what many of us outside the inner cities know already; many people hold views that are nowhere seen in the mainstream media and they’re not all crazy and reactionary views either, but they’re often confused and contradictory. In such a restricted public discourse it’s no surprise that people with reasonable, but ‘invisible’, views, who don’t have a chance to discuss them, to hear arguments for and against them, will also be prey to lunatic views.
    Our rotten media-political class needs to take some responsibility and start discussing things outside of the narrow centrist-right range of acceptable views (with centrist progressive social views presented as the height of daring leftist revolution).

  8. rhwombat

    “Hanson’s Picasso eyes parted and flared, one glaring at Colin, the other at me, a bifurcated Medusa stare.” becomes the “We can’t stop here, this is bat country!” of our very own Samoan attorney, Dr Gonzo Rundle. Gold…(or possibly Lithium).

    1. Wexford

      Fear and loathing in Rockingham. Sounds about right!

  9. Will

    After learning Guy was from Crikey: “Hanson’s Picasso eyes parted and flared, one glaring at Colin, the other at me, a bifurcated Medusa stare.” Seriously funny and chillingly evocative. Top stuff, Guy.

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