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Western Australia

Mar 9, 2017

What happened when Guy Rundle scored an interview with Pauline Hanson

The goodwill didn't last long, though. Perhaps they googled "Guy Rundle -- communist" or something, and realised the truth.


Before the broad sandstone sweep of the Kalgoorlie courthouse, arches and porticos and a clock tower etched against the sky, Pauline Hanson paused and turned on her heel to the photographers. It was close to midday and the sun was high in the sky, and she was perfectly turned out as always, a model for us all. The red coiffure had not a hair out of place, the eyebrows were as arched and feline as ever, and the dress was a knock-out — a black and white just-below-the-knee number, with white, pink and orange tropical flowers growing up the back and front, black high heels, clack clack clack on the pavement.


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64 thoughts on “What happened when Guy Rundle scored an interview with Pauline Hanson 

  1. Aethelstan

    A wonder that Pauline didn’t tell Guy that she listens to the “people” … except if you are a low paid worker facing significant cuts to their wages as a result of the penalty rate decision … Pauline is in favour of even more cuts to these employees’ wages … so the “people” she is listening to must be business owners in search of higher profits … no wonder Pauline is preferencing the LNP …

  2. Xoanon

    That whole thing should read as surreal, but strangely – knowing outback Western Australia – it comes across as pinpoint accurate. Nice work.

  3. zut alors

    Rundle is hitting his straps, this account is manna from heaven/wherever.

    Hanson’s appeal explained & contained in eight words: “Oh, mate I wouldn’t have a clue. Darren!!”

  4. mikeb

    “about as useful as a creme brulee dildo”
    I’m betting someone somewhere has tried it.

    1. zut alors

      Or is about to…

  5. paddy

    Oh Guy, such wonderful work today.
    You had me at “Ashby, about as useful as a creme brulee dildo.”
    And that was just for starters.

    1. mg57

      My favourite bit too.

  6. Flat tyre

    Love ya work Guy.

  7. Bob the builder

    Well, their incompetence, or at least guilelessness, does seem to indicate that they aren’t normal politicians.
    One Nation is clearly attracting a wide range of support, much of it uninterested in the racial obsessions of its vile leader. It indicates what many of us outside the inner cities know already; many people hold views that are nowhere seen in the mainstream media and they’re not all crazy and reactionary views either, but they’re often confused and contradictory. In such a restricted public discourse it’s no surprise that people with reasonable, but ‘invisible’, views, who don’t have a chance to discuss them, to hear arguments for and against them, will also be prey to lunatic views.
    Our rotten media-political class needs to take some responsibility and start discussing things outside of the narrow centrist-right range of acceptable views (with centrist progressive social views presented as the height of daring leftist revolution).

  8. rhwombat

    “Hanson’s Picasso eyes parted and flared, one glaring at Colin, the other at me, a bifurcated Medusa stare.” becomes the “We can’t stop here, this is bat country!” of our very own Samoan attorney, Dr Gonzo Rundle. Gold…(or possibly Lithium).

    1. Wexford

      Fear and loathing in Rockingham. Sounds about right!

  9. Will

    After learning Guy was from Crikey: “Hanson’s Picasso eyes parted and flared, one glaring at Colin, the other at me, a bifurcated Medusa stare.” Seriously funny and chillingly evocative. Top stuff, Guy.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Brilliant piece of writing Guy. I felt as if I was scrunching on beach sand and gazing at a clear green sea. The pub’s wooden floors squeaked gently and the glasses were so cold there was frost on the outside-causing them to gently weep.

    1. rhwombat

      You weren’t in Kalgoorlie then, Venise…

      1. AR

        Those frosted diamantes would be uncomfortable work wear.

      2. Venise Alstergren

        I only just read your comment. You’re right, I’ve no conception of the heat in Kalgoorlie. Ditto the local wildlife la Belle Hanson is trawling. Cheers V

  11. Jennifer Dillon

    Oh Guy, Guy… this is amongst your best! James Ashby, the hard-man “as useful as a creme brûlée dildo”; a whole town encapsulated in the words “…a spearmint milkshake”!! What more could one ask in the written word. Great work, thank you
    Jen Dillon

  12. Shoot the piano player

    A joy to read

  13. craig

    Guy, that was amazing. Take me, now!

  14. Dog's Breakfast

    A real purple patch there GR.

    I laughed, I cried, I cringed.

    I would happily vote for the young lady with the sign.

  15. Draco Houston

    I once got a PHON campaigner to agree to abolishing Queensland.

  16. klewso

    The Pi-eyed Piper of Hanson blows a dog-whistle …. pass the shucked mussels.

    1. Peter Hamish

      You Lefties always squeal like stuck pigs when a few senate seats go the way of independents and minor parties. Why the fear and insecurity? The only way forward to break the Lib-Lab stranglehold and you belittle, taunt and bully. Your gutless hypocritical biased piss ant comments lack political acumen and smack of your own immaturity. The Hanson’s of this world are only gaining prominence because of people’s desperation at not being heard by the two-party Lib-Lab circus and corrupt parliamentary process. And you taunt and ridicule. See the bigger picture and stop brown nosing.

      1. klewso

        And Hanson’s the answer?

        1. AR

          Only to an exceptionally stupid question.

        2. Peter Hamish

          I doubt it.. But anything that dilutes the Lib-Lab power base has to be good for the nation if it keeps the entrenched power base on it’s toes. The Greens have never had the impact that One nation has. But if you are serious about balance of political clout then give credit where credit is due regardless of who it is otherwise it’s the value of a political ideologue. Zilch!

      2. Wexford

        Peter, your whackjob isn’t quite working properly. You’ve got the “wake up, sheeple” and unnecessary abuse bits down reasonably well, but try some more Random capitalisation of WORDS and poor spelling (apart from the misuse of the apostrophe in your dear leader’s name). Only then will you be a true PHONy supporter.

        1. Bob the builder

          I think you meant “pore spilling”

        2. Peter Hamish

          Wexford – I am apolitical, which means I don’t bow down at the throne of political ideologues. Unlike you. No offence.

          1. Peter Hamish

            One more thing. It’s no coincidence that today and in lock-step unison, every major newspaper, radio station, tv network and mainstream blogger has attacked Pauline Hanson and One Nation over one thing or another. It was clock-work precision and the very mainstream Crikey has been no different. She must be doing something right.

          2. Bob the builder

            @Peter I think you needed a flounce emoticon to finish that rhetorical slammer.

      3. Guy Rundle

        snigger *Hansons

        1. Peter Hamish

          Grow up Rundle.

          1. klewso

            “Malaria or Dysentery?”
            “I’ll have the cholera!”

      4. mikeb

        Are there any PHON supporting writers who can coherently put together an opinion piece on why Hanson deserves a spot in the sun and make it interesting? Genuinely want to know this. Until then we’ll have to do with randoms who only support PHON because they don’t like the alternative.

        1. Peter Hamish

          Ahhh, it’s Mike the lefty sike. At least they promise a banking Royal Commission. What have your mates in the capitalist/socialist Lib/Lab said about that? Don’t hold your breath. They will also dismantle the Family Law Court and replace it with a tribunal. HalleluYah to that. But it’s pointless even trying to discuss these things with political ideologues like you Mike the Lefty Sike, Waxford and have n’t got a Klewso because you are all blinded like a glow-worm. The only light that shines is the light in your own tail.

          1. Peter Hamish

            Ooops, I almost forgot that there is no healing balm available for your current Loopy Left condition. But, I am told if you go down to your local street corner doctor he/she might be able to give you a “vax” and prevent your condition from worsening. It’s only a bit of mercury and led. It won’t hurt.

          2. mikeb

            I assume “sike” is meant to be a witty riposte? I looked it up but it still doesn’t make sense. Please explain (haha)?
            Also still waiting for suggestions of anyone who can comment intelligently on what PHON can offer Australia. Not holding my breath but maybe miracles are possible.

          3. zut alors

            @ Mikeb ‘…what PHON can offer Australia…’

            Useless mandatory marriage pre-nups?

          4. Wexford

            I’m so distracted by Peter’s spelling that I can’t even figure out if he’s making something approaching a coherent point. Looks like he’s bashing the keyboard pretty hard, there. There ain’t nothing like a triggered PHONy!

      5. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

        Peter, you suggest that voters go to One Nation because of desperation about the major parties and “corrupt parliamentary process”. You seem to forget that voters have a pretty good memory and can easily recall that Ms Hanson was sent to jail in Queensland for her role in her party’s electoral corruption. Recently, the One Nation senator Rod Cullerton was kicked out of the parliament for something similar. There are independents and minor parties and then there is One Nation. The party has no particular policies but it seems to be in lock step with the Liberals. So what is there to gain for PHON voters? It’s like voting to drive on the wrong side of the road. There’s nothing constructive about PHON except argumentative bigotry and anti-education. And Malcolm Roberts. Guess you were one of the 77?

  17. Bill

    Pauline Hands on. Evil spirit. From the Dream Time. Beware.

  18. Nudiefish

    “It is genuinely meant, and utterly foolish, and it is why their candidates, up to and including the leaderene herself, are not only easily photobombed, but call the bombers over to them to get a better shot.”


  19. Nudiefish

    I still can’t credit that somebody actually put GR in the same personal space as PH.
    I’m not much chop with physics, but shouldn’t there have been a chemical reaction or detonation of some sort?

    1. Wexford

      The whackjobs thought the LHC was going to destroy the planet, but then they went and put Rundle and Hanson at a table together!

  20. Richard Farmer

    A wonderful piece

  21. Wexford

    Will we get a separate piece about the motel fittings?

    1. AR

      They would be better interlocutors than PHONies simulacrae.

  22. MAC TEZ

    Elections are much more entertaining when GR gets out on the campaign trail.

  23. Aussie4real

    If this wasn’t real it would be a great satirical play on how inane the political game can get! Hopefully those who support Hanson take a real look at her substance and not just the rhetoric.

  24. Itsarort

    Some old pictures of my mothers family dating back to the late 19th century and rolling into 1950’s may be a good antidote for anyone interested in getting into mining. Yep, some people made some serious doe, mind you, they started with some serious doe too.
    Pretty miserable lives, scraped-up in a miners cottage with two bedrooms, a lean to kitchen and an even more makeshift laundry; would suit two adults today, back then, anywhere between eight and ten adults and children.
    I don’t know why in the 21st century, people have thought that boom-bust had disappeared.

    1. Peter Tracey

      Doh! Don’t you man DOUGH??

  25. mg57

    Guy, I am really enjoying your eclectic take on these political campaigns. Loved the Trump stories and you’ve got Pauline pinned I reckon.

    1. Peter Hamish

      The only thing Guy has pinned is his 1917 Revolutionary memorial badge. I think it’s attached to his left top lapel on his favourite black with red pinned striped jacket.

  26. Peter Hamish

    ” Useless mandatory marriage pre-nups?”

    Now it’s the Zluts turn to fill these spaces with useless one line rhetoric. Try understanding root cause and effect. It’s probably beyond you but hey! Give it a go.

    1. AR

      Yeah, it’s gNormless, back from the Turing machine graveyard.

      1. MAC TEZ

        If it meant we never heard from Peter Hamish again I’d welcome back
        Norm,One Hand and Ken Lamebleat with a hearty cheer.

  27. Peter Hamish

    Oh Waxford. Hows the aspergers going? I see a slight improvement but the dribble just keeps on coming. There aint nothin like a triggered Lefty. (sp)

    1. Peter Hamish

      “Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and unusual use of language are common.[3][4] Signs usually begin before two years old and typically last for a person’s entire life.[1]”
      Yep, that’s it.

      1. Wexford

        Hi Peter,
        How did the election work out for you, champ? Strong showing in Kargoorler?


  28. John

    “At what point does a reporter vet himself and have himself thrown out of the building?” Gee, I laughed. Thanks Grundle. #peakgrundle?

  29. dennis

    Eh Peter, “At least they promise a banking Royal Commission.” Again, “At least they promise a banking Royal Commission”., that’s fake news mate, please check out your leaders policy’s, hint. Malcom, Pauline and Rod, had a meeting and Rod, who was all for a banking Royal Commission, because he doesn’t like the banks ripping of the farmers, and taking their land, Malcom and Pauline decided they had enough of Rod, they do not want a Royal Commission into banks. Do a bit of research, tell me if I am wrong.

  30. dennis

    Hey Crikey, did you swap Norman for Peter.

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