Mar 8, 2017

For goodness snakes: inside the restaurant with cobra on the menu

Freelance journalist Georgia Clark visits King Cobra House, where deadly cobra is a delicacy.

Take a wrong turn down north Jakarta’s traffic-choked streets and not only will you be met by the antiquated charm of the street food “warung” and the beaming toothless smiles of vendors, but you could also stumble upon a myriad less pleasant hazards, including a restaurant with walls that wriggle.


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5 thoughts on “For goodness snakes: inside the restaurant with cobra on the menu

  1. AR

    Meanwhile in France a rhino is slaughtered for its horn to satisfy delusion quackery masquerading as deep culture.

  2. Bob the builder

    Fantastic Crikey, we’re delving into middle-class voyeur tourism now, are we?

    How charming, how exotic, how edgy …

    There’s enough real news not being reported for this sort of complacent rubbish to get a run.

    1. Matt Hardin

      Have to agree with u, Bob.

    2. Ari Sharp

      A piece involving wandering into the field rather than opinioning from behind a desk is worth a read, I reckon. And with so much of the Australian coverage of Indonesia mired in doom a gloom, more coverage of the culture of the place is most welcome.

      1. Bob the builder

        Your choice of the phrase “in the field” says it all…
        This isn’t coverage of culture, it’s plain “orientalism”, good old-fashioned othering and exoticising.

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