Pauline Hanson has never made any secret of her admiration for Donald Trump, and her Insiders appearance on the weekend proved it extends to her approach to "facts". And the sheer volume of questionable assertions meant one or two were bound to slip through the gaps. Host Barrie Cassidy (and, subsequently, much of the media and political establishment) called her out on her admiration for Vladimir Putin, her suspicion of vaccines, her assertion that Muslims "hate" the West and her support for the penalty rates cut. But there was no breath or column space left for a couple of other quite possibly "alternative facts." Early on, she stated:

"If you look at what happened in the past, the Howard government changes the preferences from optional preferential voting in the 1998 election. That was the first time they colluded together, they agreed to get rid of One Nation and put us last on the how-to-vote tickets."