Western Australia

Mar 6, 2017

Poll Bludger: is Pauline Hanson becoming electoral poison?

Colin Barnett hoped a deal with One Nation would save the Western Australian Liberals, but it could be the nail in the party's coffin.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Pauline Hanson

Even by the remarkable standards she has set for herself over the past two decades, the coming week looms as a significant time in the political life of Pauline Hanson.

Since last year’s federal election, One Nation has built a momentum that seemed impervious to its familiar difficulties in maintaining parliamentary cohesion amid the Rod Culleton saga.

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10 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: is Pauline Hanson becoming electoral poison?

  1. klewso

    These candidates didn’t realise she’s a Liberal Nazgûl?

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Thick as two short planks? You bet I am, I mean, you bet she is.

  3. bushby jane

    I thought that her disastrous interview with Barrie Cassidy would not have much traction with her electoral base because they generally wouldn’t watch Insiders, but it has been picked up in a big way today by the pm and pro vaccination groups among others.
    Perhaps people might start listening to the drivel that comes out of her mouth more now.

    1. Will

      Very telling to see though that Turnbull’s criticisms of Hanson today were cast as MH17 sanctions and vax policy issues (i.e. policies that have bi-partisan support), rather than Hanson false and inflammatory insistence that Islam is a political ideology (rather than a religion). He looks to be following Howard’s lead, and got himself one of those silent dog-whistles.

    2. klewso

      From commenting on that endorsement from her mate “George” Sinodinos ….?
      ….. “Malcolm’s respect” compared to 20 years ago – that wouldn’t have anything to do with his own DD election :- needing only half a quota for a seat, and her showing up on the Senate door-stoop, that dark stormy night, with her litter of three senators – the way he needs votes?
      I don’t know which train was the most fun, hers (“Join The Magic Puddin’ Club Party” – wage cuts for small business profits) or Jethro’s “privacy and dummy-spit”.

      1. klewso

        “….. which train-wreck(?) was the most fun, …”

  4. Draco Houston

    PHON are a joke and have always been so. I was never concerned about their ‘rise’.

  5. Aethelstan

    Pauline Hanson is well known for listening to the “people” … but the people she is listening to must be business owners as she is supporting significant wage cuts for ordinary working Australians in her support of the penalty rate cuts … much for looking after those working Australians who have been left behind… listening to the people!! What rubbish rhetoric….

    Indeed more and more Pauline Hanson sounds more and more like an echo of the right of the LNP … her only distinctive policy is her hatred of Muslims … in that she seems to outperform the LNP …

  6. Graham R

    Not sure what her week here in WA will do her her, but it will be poison for the WA Liberals. Barnett is already on the nose for having been around too long, for general arrogance, and for the brutal, dishonest, and possibly illegal construction of Australia’s stupidest road.

    In desperation he signed a preference-swap deal with PHON, and is living to regret it. His experience of this will be watched very closely by Liberals all over Australia, to see if it is a good idea or not. Judging by Barnett’s polls lately, it was not.

  7. Michael Derry

    At the approximate time of the preference deal with the Liberals a new PHON policy was introduced to wipe out UN Human Rights. See http://www.onenation.com.au/policies/economics and links on this page.

    At the approximate time of the preference deal with the Liberals the PHON Family Law policy which used to be at: http://www.onenation.com.au/policies/family-law was erased (you can see what the old policy was before it was erased using: https://archive.org/web/)
    The big question is what was the entire deal with the Liberals !

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