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Mar 2, 2017

The secrecy surrounding Brandis' 'journalist information warrants' threatens our democracy

It is incumbent on journalists and anyone interested in freedom of speech to talk about these restrictions as much as possible, writes former editor-in-chief of the SMH Peter Fray.


George Brandis

The ho-hum response to ASIO’s admission that it has been pursuing journalists’ sources under Attorney-General George Brandis’ new metadata laws points to a deeper malaise. That only a “small” number of journalist information warrants have been obtained, according to ASIO boss Duncan Lewis, is neither here nor there.


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One thought on “The secrecy surrounding Brandis’ ‘journalist information warrants’ threatens our democracy 

  1. AR

    Hey, I gotta rilly, rilly simple idea. The meeja, legacy Press, radio, TV, colour mags should just go on strike and refuse to attend pressers, or accept any briefings, ‘friendly leaks’ or wannabe Deep Lips.
    Just go for scuttlebutt, grievance mongers, loonies, loopies and thise wh think in green ink.
    If a fortnight of that sort of reportage hasn’t brought down a government & excoriated HM’s Loyal Opposition they need another week or ten.
    What’s the old saw, revolution is only 3 missed meals away?


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