Jennifer Oriel is not happy with the Liberal party for not listening to Tony Abbott. But she is not happy with Abbott either for showing “poor political judgement” in dumping a bucket of offal over Malcolm Turnbull, while launching a new anthology with the title Making Australia Right (Ed. Milo Kerrigan).

Abbott, says Oriel, has not owned up to his failings, such as omigod, flaking on the 18C abolition, due to the pressure of “manufactured minority groups”. Manufactured minority groups? Hmmm. Defenders of 18C in the last 19 inquiries have included all the peak ethnic groups, and especially the Chinese-Australian and Jewish-Australian peak bodies. The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council is a “manufactured minority group”? Just how far to the right is Oriel intending to go? I wonder what AIJAC thinks of Oriel’s characterisation? Perhaps they will tell her. — Guy Rundle

Expect more from your journalism.

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Peter Fray
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