Note to Muslims living in Australia: it’s time to put the stealth back into #stealthjihad. We’re in the middle of a covert operation to bring about the fall of Western civilisation. If you’re going to engage in regular bullshit and pratfalls, at least try to keep it off Facebook and national television.

“’Like a script from a mafia movie’ -- Peak Muslim body AFIC descends into turmoil” reported The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday, drawing its headline and much of its assessment from Muslim Facebook discussions. Actually, the situation described in Rachel Olding’s report sounds more like a farce than a mafia movie, as a small group of middle-aged men struggle for control of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Last year, the leadership committee of AFIC was forced to stand down after federal funding was withdrawn from its schools in response to court findings that money had been improperly channeled to AFIC.