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Feb 24, 2017

Note to Muslims living in Australia: it’s time to put the stealth back into #stealthjihad. We’re in the middle of a covert operation to bring about the fall of Western civilisation. If you’re going to engage in regular bullshit and pratfalls, at least try to keep it off Facebook and national television.

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One thought on “Time to put the stealth back in #stealthjihad

  1. old greybearded one

    Trad is a serial dimwit and it reflects badly on the Islamic council they they allow him near. I am concerned about this stoush. It makes Muslims look crooked and corrupt. Unfortunately, one of the parties makes a lot of money from Halal certification which is a free kick to the Hansonites. This undoes the brave work done by moderate,m logical Imams. I consider Halal certification to be a fact of business for exporters, (not much different from how I killed meat on the farm) but it should not be a big money spinner adding too much to costs. Were this the case the whingers would have nothing to whinge about (though they would find something). We don’t complain about Kosher, but it is a bit less lucrative it would seem