There must have been at least a little silent rejoicing in the corridors of Labor at this week's "Fair" Work Commission ruling, cutting Sunday and holiday penalty payments. "Those poor kids, poor students, those poor poor," they must have said. "Oh thank you. thank you. thank you Jeebis!"

What could be better for a party that has moved itself somewhat leftward than this sudden intrusion of politics into the depoliticised world of the young? By that I don't mean they are unaware of issues or power relations by any means. But for many, politics is a just a game old people play, like bowls -- they probably think that's why there's a lawn on top of Parliament -- and the notion that any part of it might represent their interests is tenuous indeed. To most middle-aged people, Bill Shorten looks like a flock of moths that got their own suit. God knows how he appears to the young.