Feb 24, 2017

Rundle: not even penalty rates cut will drive voters back into Labor’s arms

The Fair Work Commission's decision to cut penalty rates seems like a win for Labor, but the ALP is so far out of touch it might be impossible to ever come back.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


There must have been at least a little silent rejoicing in the corridors of Labor at this week's "Fair" Work Commission ruling, cutting Sunday and holiday penalty payments. "Those poor kids, poor students, those poor poor," they must have said. "Oh thank you. thank you. thank you Jeebis!"

What could be better for a party that has moved itself somewhat leftward than this sudden intrusion of politics into the depoliticised world of the young? By that I don't mean they are unaware of issues or power relations by any means. But for many, politics is a just a game old people play, like bowls -- they probably think that's why there's a lawn on top of Parliament -- and the notion that any part of it might represent their interests is tenuous indeed. To most middle-aged people, Bill Shorten looks like a flock of moths that got their own suit. God knows how he appears to the young.

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40 thoughts on “Rundle: not even penalty rates cut will drive voters back into Labor’s arms

  1. maxcelcat

    And here then is why I left the party after some 25 years of membership. Will, this and their refugee policy.

  2. graybul

    It really hurts Guy . . . . but it is overtime that Labor’s underwear, alongside LNP, outed and handed off to electorate for a good clean and airing. Need a thorough culling of parliamentary membership to a point where remaining members’ pain, re-focusses attention less on ideology/ self; and more on national priorities. We enter dangerous waters . . . .

  3. Graeski

    So the question becomes, if not Labor, who does someone with a genuine leftist political leaning turn to in this country? Maybe the Greens, but as Guy has pointed out, they don’t quite fit the role. The number of times they have been willing to side with the LNP to get legislation through supports this view.

    Where’s our Bernie Sanders?

  4. klewso

    Which end do you use to blow up this Bill Shorten deflatable doll?

  5. David Gewin

    Leave the lawn bowls out of it please; not an ‘old man’s’ sport.

    1. AR

      Mick Malloy got a great film out of it – forgotten the name but a cracker.

  6. Nudiefish

    I’m agog at this for the simple truth of it all. There was a time when you could read something like this in the mainstream media. You know, in the days of actual journalism and before the great mastheads plagiarized Reddit for front page copy.
    The ALP is a dirty player in politics just as the LNP. But, where do we go from here? I don’t want to see how this movie ends cause I’m sure it will suck.

  7. Aethelstan

    Another cynical anti-Labor effort by Rundle … laced with the usual filthy language …

    1. Guy Rundle

      oh no, not filthy language. What like ‘union trades away penalty rates’, ‘millions in union rorts exposed’, ‘SDA as bad as FWC’ ‘Labor MPs wont live in their outer-suburban electorates?’ I agree. Disgusting language.

      1. Aethelstan

        Indeed … reluctantly agree … it doesn’t sound good …

    2. Damon

      You’re confused. When an ex-ALP Premier becomes paid lobbyist for the banks, Labor are the cynical ones.

    3. Matt Wright

      Fuck you Athelstan. Fuck you.

  8. Grumpy Old Sod

    “Bligh’s move from Labor to ABA isn’t a change of politics; it’s a change of business card.” How absolutely depressingly true. There is no belief within Labor anymore, they’re just as morally corrupt as their opposition and that leaves us all in shitters ditch with a barb wire canoe.

  9. Xoanon

    Rundle is quite right in pointing out how compromised the ALP is. However, penalty rates is a cracker of an issue for Labor if they play it right, especially juxtaposed against the government trying to give tax cuts to corporations. This may well be Turnbull’s WorkChoices.

  10. Lee Tinson

    Wish Guy wouldn’t vent his depression on his readers ….

    1. Guy Rundle

      Me? I’m bounding with joy. You want depressed? Talk to a student doing the graveyard shift at a 7-11 on crappy wages the SDA got for her/him. Then you’ll hear depressed.

    2. Matt Wright

      Fuck you Lee Tinson. Fuck you.

      1. Bob the builder

        @Matt Wright On the off-chance you aren’t merely a bored troll and actually care about what is written on these pages – Crikey has many viewpoints, both in writers and readers, and is often hard-nosed and vigorous, but this sort of puerile comment, so common on many other forums, is largely absent.
        Ideas, not abuse – or just keep it to yourself.

    3. Olga Kimpton

      Well Guy Rundle mightn’t be depressed by Labor’s performance, but heck, I sure am!
      Try living in the (Victorian) electorate of Pascoe Vale (like I do) and discovering that SDA- aligned Lizzie Blandthorn (from Kew, not a local till she moved here, under pressure, after her election win) was our endorsed state Labor “representative” for this safe Labor seat – courtesy of Labor Party pre-selection deals with the SDA. I can assure you, that if this happened to you, you wouldn’t have much to feel optimistic about! Why do why does Labor use its safest seats to inflict hopeless candidates onto the very electorates which most need the strongest support, those fresh candidates who could well be Labor’s very best hopes for a future, more progressive Labor?

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